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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2914 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2914

At 11 p.m.

Chester was pushed out from the operating room in a coma, and it was Dean Edwards who sewed the stitches. After knowing what happened to Chester, Dean Edwards rushed over from home immediately.

Kaiden walked up, and Dean Edwards asked with an indescribable expression: “What’s the matter with Chester’s injury, and he came to the hospital again, didn’t he tell me that he would come to the hospital to work as soon as possible?”

Going to work, it was estimated that Chester would take another month off.

Charity wanted to go over to hear about Chester’s condition, but when she heard Dean Edwards’s words, she stopped in her tracks and passed away without shame.

It’s hard to say, it’s because she has no reason, and then Chester went crazy and stabbed himself.

Chester dared to do it, but Charity had no face to say it anyway.

Kaiden explained embarrassingly: “It was Young master Jewell’s parents who fed him unclean food and wanted him to sleep with Cindy. Young master Jewell didn’t want to, but couldn’t bear it, so…”

“No wonder, the medicine is very strong.” Dean Edwards said, “I just washed his stomach, otherwise he would be killed after a few nights of tossing. His parents are really nothing. They destroyed his leg before, but now they want his son to have no descendants, are these two crazy?”

“Yeah, it’s really not a thing.” Kaiden clenched his fists angrily, “That Young master Jewell… that… can still Pass on the family line?”

Dean Edwards took a deep look at Charity, “No, he was really seriously injured, but if the knife hadn’t been a little bit off, he would definitely have become a eunuch tonight.”

Charity was startled, as if she was frozen.

Chester, who had been romantic for half his life, was really… useless?

Charity always thought Chester was dirty before, but at this moment, she really didn’t know what to say.

She was not happy either, and her heart was heavy.

“Take care of him.” Dean Edwards sighed, “I have to go back to rest, and let him stop insulting his body. If this goes on, his life is still alive, but his physical fitness will definitely get worse and worse. He is still young. It’s still long, cherish it.”

“Thank you, Dean Edwards.” Kaiden sent Dean Edwards away to get the medicine.

Charity accompanied Chester to the VIP ward upstairs.

On the hospital bed, Chester’s handsome face was haggard and pale. His body used to be quite strong, but he was getting thinner now.

Charity hesitated for a while, and boldly lifted the quilt, wanting to see the condition of his wound.

As soon as her hand touched the half of his pants, Chester’s weak voice suddenly sounded: “Charity, what are you doing?”

“…” Charity was embarrassed, and the hand holding his pants didn’t know what to fade or leave.

After a while, she let go of her fingers and helped him cover the quilt, “I just want to see your injury.”

“You can see it if you want, but I’m afraid it will hurt your hand.” Chester asked weakly, “What happened to your hand, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know you didn’t.” Charity was in a complicated mood, “Why did you treat yourself like this, you are still so young, you will regret it later. “

“Yes, I regret it.” Chester pulled his lips, “I regret accidentally hurting you. I love you very much, and I tried my best to make it up to you. Why do I still let you get hurt? “

Charity: “I never blamed you.”

“But I blame myself.” Chester moved his thin lips distressedly, “Show me your hand.”

Charity’s eyes trembled, and she handed it over.

Chester raised his hand and gently held her wrist, “How many stitches?”

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  1. This one chapter business is starting to make me lose interest. 😢
    I really like reading this but my goodness! Can’t you release more chapters??????

  2. A chapter doesn’t even end one scene. It’s interesting but gets tiring too.
    Please update more chapters. As good as the novel is it’s easier to take your heart off it too.

  3. What kind of chapters do you post?
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    You go Ches and Charity ❤️.

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