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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2913 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2913

“Chester, where are you going?” Charity got up and chased him out.

She saw Chester touching a fruit knife on the coffee table.

Something seemed to come to her mind, and an unknown fear choked her heart, “Don’t…”

But Chester could no longer hear her voice, and he raised the knife and stabbed him down.

Chester hated himself, what he did has already happened, but Charity felt dirty. Was there no such thing, he and Charity still had a chance in this life? could the three of them still be together? could Levi Justifiably called him…Dad.

In an emergency, Charity subconsciously stretched out her hand to block it.

After the knife hit her hand a little bit crookedly, Chester stabbed it into the flesh.

It hurt so much that she almost suffocated, but she seemed to be a little more awoke because of it.

Chester lowered his head, only to see that the back of Charity’s hand was left with a deep scar from the knife, and blood was gushing out.

“Charity… Charity…” Chester was terrified, the knife in his hand fell to the ground, and he yelled, “Kaiden, call an ambulance.”

Kaiden was waiting at the door, who didn’t dare to stay away, heard Chester’s roar, and rushed in immediately, but there was no ambiguous scene in the room, only the smell of blood in the air, and Chester’s legs and Charity’s injuries were all covered in blood.

Chester grabbed Charity’s hand like a madman, full of self-blame, but forgot that he himself was hurt more than Charity.

Seeing this scene, Kaiden, who had always been on the battlefield, was dumbfounded for two seconds before he hurriedly called an ambulance.

The ambulance quickly took the two to the hospital together.

After getting into the ambulance, there was only one doctor on board. Chester pulled Charity in front of doctor, and said, “Stop her bleeding first.”

“Doctor, I’m not serious, you should take a look at him first…” Charity was terrified at the thought of the knife, and hoped that the doctor would have time to save her.

Chester: “I don’t care, you look at her first.”

“Chester, do you really want to be an eunuch?” Charity became angry.

Chester: “That dirty thing, if you don’t have it, it’s fine.”

Charity: “…”

She really thought that Chester was crazy. In the past, there was only such a thing between a man and a woman, but now she actually said it’s good that there was no such thing.

The doctor who was pushed around was also speechless. He was also a man himself, and it was the first time he had heard a man say such a thing. Looking around, the doctor first gave Charity a simple bandage, and then cut Chester’s pants with scissors.

“Don’t look.” Afraid of scaring her, Chester pushed her eyes away.

“Chester, if you move around again, I’ll ignore you for the rest of my life.” Charity’s eyes turned red with anger. She probably couldn’t tell the priority.

Seeing her anxious appearance, Chester’s pale lips evoked a smile instead.

The doctor who saw that Chester was seriously injured and felt that the patient might not have injured the man’s third leg, but his brain.

“Doctor, his situation…is there any hope?” Charity leaned over and stared nervously at the wound.

Doctor: “I don’t know. I have to take a picture to know what’s going on inside. The patient is lying down. I’ll bandage it up first.”

After arriving at the hospital, the two were pushed into the operating room, because both of them needed sutures.

Charity was a little better, as long as she sewed three or four stitches, she would be fine, but during the stitches, she felt sincerely that Chester was her nemesis in this life.

She might really not be able to get rid of this lunatic in her life.

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  1. Gracias muy emocionante capitulo,chester en verdad esta bien atormentado,y todo culpa de esos malos padres mil gracias esperando nuevo capitulo

  2. I just hope Charity will appreciate all the suffering Chester did to prove that he changed. No one is perfect after all and everyone deserves a second chance. I hope that shameless Cindy’s greediness and Chester’s parents craziness will put to stop and they deserve punishment.

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