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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2912 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2912

Charity didn’t expect that she would be involved in the incident. No wonder Chester went to Jewell’s house suddenly.

She never thought that the Jewell family would be so shameless that they would threaten Dr. Walker’s granddaughter.

Now that Chester had become like this, Charity really wanted to help, but in Chester’s situation…

Charity’s face turned pale. She had a shadow about that kind of thing, and in her memory was pain besides embarrassment. And she really couldn’t have s*x with Chester. Chester had so many women before,so Charity couldn’t pretend that nothing happened.

“How about…Kaiden, why don’t you find another woman for him?” Charity took two steps back, pretty flustered.

Kaiden said in disbelief: “Miss Eliza, you don’t understand how Young Master Jewell cares for you, right? Besides you, he doesn’t have room for other women in his heart now. If he really doesn’t care about those, just now In Jewell’s house, Cindy was allowed to succeed. Anyway, sleeping with a woman can be the antidote, but he doesn’t want to. Since he fell in love with you, he hasn’t touched anyone else. I know you despised Mr. Jewell before, but that was before he fell in love with you, besides…you were with Monte too.”

In a hurry, what Kaiden said was not very pleasant. But he felt he was telling the truth.

Charity’s mind was in a mess. She admitted that she had spoken too much just now, but she was really afraid and had shadows.

“How about…Send Chester to the hospital.” Charity said tentatively.

“Even if he goes to the hospital, this kind of pain can’t be relieved in a short while. Besides…, would Young Master Jewell want to go to the hospital? He is so proud, and he is willing to let others see him in such a mess. Is it?” Kaiden said cruelly, “Go and see for yourself.”

In the bathroom, Chester’s voice became more and more painful.

Charity plucked up her courage, and tentatively walked to the bathroom door.

The scene inside made her pupils widen in shock.

Chester was lying in the bathtub, the shower sprayed on him, his handsome face was flushed with pain, and his forehead was bruised.

He was completely undressed, and Charity saw the prosthetics on him.

This was the first time Charity saw Chester’s mutilated body.

In fact, his figure used to be quite fit, but now…the other leg was connected by a skin-colored prosthesis. Without wearing pants, she can clearly see how ferocious the junction was.

Charity couldn’t tell what was going on in her heart, she was quite blocked.

Originally she resisted, but for some reason, her body involuntarily walked in.

Seeing this, Kaiden took the opportunity to retreat, and gently closed the bedroom door, leaving room for the two of them.

“Charity…Charity, is that you? Am I dreaming?” Chester was already in a trance of pain, and in a haze, he seemed to see Charity walking towards him.

Chester stood up with difficulty, grabbed her, and pressed her into his arms.

“Charity, don’t leave me. I know I was wrong. The mistake is too outrageous. It’s normal if you don’t forgive me in this life. As long as I can stay by your side and watch you, I will be satisfied. I don’t need you to marry me. I don’t need you to sleep with me, you dislike me for being dirty, and I have slept with so many women, I know, it’s okay, it’s impossible in this life, in the next life…”

Chester burned so badly, wishing to rub her into his bones, but he knew he couldn’t do that.

Doing so will make Charity hate him even more.

But if Chester didn’t do something else, he would lose control of himself.

Chester violently pushed Charity away.

Charity was caught off guard and fell into the bathtub. She was a little angry. Looking back, seeing Chester stumbled out of the bathroom, she had a bad feeling in her heart.

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