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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2911 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2911

Chester ignored his father. Under the protection of Kaiden, he quickly got into his car.

The moment the door of the car closed, he couldn’t hold back and fell on the back seat, groaning in pain.

Kaiden quickly got into the driver’s seat, and hurriedly drove the car out, while caring about the situation behind him, “Young master Jewell, what’s wrong with you?”

“They put unclean things in my water, I’ll go back and wash in cold water and want to take a shower.” Chester’s face was flushed, his body was so hot, he simply took off his clothes one by one.

Kaiden was stunned for a long time before realizing what that thing was. He was half speechless. It was the first time he saw Chester’s biological parents give him that kind of thing.

Kaiden: “Then you are upstairs…”

“Cindy is upstairs.” Chester said through gritted teeth.

“No wonder…” Kaiden understood the real purpose of the couple tonight.

Was it possible that the achievement was to make Chester and Cindy a good thing?

Originally, Kaiden planned to send Chester to the hospital, but after learning about his situation, he hesitated for a few seconds, but instead quickly drove to the villa.

He knew very well that even if Chester was sent to the hospital like this, he would have to endure it for a whole night to survive, if there was a woman…

Thinking of this, Kaiden stepped on the gas pedal.

Chester was already uncomfortable and confused.

After arriving at the villa, Kaiden helped Chester upstairs, and Chester stumbled to the bathroom by himself.

Kaiden hurried to the next door to ring the bell.

The one who opened the door was nanny, the nanny of Charity’s house.

“Where’s Miss Eliza?” Kaiden asked hastily.

“She’s taking a shower for Levi…” Before Nanny finished speaking, Kaiden rushed in.

In the bathroom, Charity was bathing Levi. Just after taking off the little guy’s clothes, Kaiden’s figure appeared at the door of the bathroom, “Miss Eliza, I have an urgent matter and want to visit you.”

Charity was stunned. She had never seen Kaiden in such a hurry. Thinking that they were going to Jewell’s house today, she handed Levi to the nanny, got up and walked out, “What happened?”

“Young master Jewell is out. It’s a matter.” Kaiden was sweating profusely, “He was tricked at Jewell’s house, and his condition is not very good now.”

“Then you should send him to the hospital.” Charity’s face tightened.

“He’s… a little troublesome.” Kaiden’s face flushed red, “It’s probably useless to send him to the hospital, you go over with me first.”

“Okay.” Charity thought of the last time Hank Jewell destroyed Chester that he lost his leg, and was a little worried in her heart, so she hurriedly followed Kaiden to the next door.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Chester’s painful voice came from the bathroom.

That voice….

Charity was the one who had been through the incident, especially since she and Chester were really together, she could hear his voice in that direction, and she immediately reacted.

Kaiden was also embarrassed, “Young master Jewell didn’t want to go to Jewell’s house today, but Hank Jewell and his wife took Dr. Walker’s granddaughter and used your mother’s surgery tomorrow to threaten Young master Jewell, so Young master Jewell had to go, who would have thought of Hank Jewell and wife? The two dropped water on Young master Jewell and deliberately wet Young master Jewell’s clothes, and tricked Young master Jewell to go upstairs. The woman Cindy ran out and tried to knock Young master Jewell down. Young master Jewell didn’t let the woman touch him. I was also with a gun that Young master Jewell was brought out of Jewell’s house, and after he came out, he was not sober.”

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