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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2908 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2908

It’s time to eat soon.

The nanny brought the dishes, and tonight’s meal was quite hearty.

Mrs. Jewell eagerly served her son’s dishes, and Chester didn’t know what Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell wanted to do. In short, after the meal, they should be able to enter the theme.

Just after eating a few chopsticks, Chester frowned, “Is the dish a little salty?”

“Is it salty?” The nanny rubbed her hands nervously, “I usually do this. “

“I asked her to put more salt.” Hank Jewell said quickly, “the taste is important, it’s easy to eat, and besides, I don’t think it’s salty.”

Mrs. Jewell also agreed, “I often follow your dad to eat like this, I’m used to it, so I don’t think so.”

Chester’s mouth moved slightly, as a son, he really didn’t want to care about these things, but as a doctor’s professional ethics, he couldn’t help reminding: “Eating too much salt is not good for your health, especially when you are old, You need to eat lightly, otherwise it will easily lead to three highs. In addition, I advise you to go to the hospital for a physical examination. Is your sense of taste a little out of balance?”

“Listen to you.” Mrs. Jewell smiled and said to the nanny, “Come on. Put a little less salt next time, and eat lightly.”

Chester was very uncomfortable eating that meal, the dishes were too salty, so he drank two glasses of water to quench his thirst.

After the meal, Chester rarely went around with them, “Since I’ve come here and I’ve eaten, Dr. Walker’s granddaughter can be put back.”

“It’s been sent back long ago.” Hank Jewell said, ” You haven’t come back for a long time, sleep at home tonight, I have the servants clean your room.”

“What am I doing here? let you destroy my other leg.” Chester was impatient, “What do you want to do when you called me here?”

Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell looked at each other, and after a while, Mr. Jewell coughed lightly, “I recently took a fancy to a project, but I have short of money in my hand to invest, can you give me some first…”

“Impossible. If you are short of money, ask Cindy to ask for it. Didn’t you fund her a lot.” Chester said, picked up his cane, stood up and planned to leave.

“I just want you to give me two billion.” Hank Jewell stood up angrily, “I am your father, if you hadn’t taken over the property in my hands, would you have today?”

Seeing this, Kaiden immediately protected Chester before.

“For the rest of your life, take care of yourself and take good care of the money left in your hand for retirement. My money is not for you to spend casually on outsiders.” After Chester said coldly, he turned around and walked away.

As soon as he walked out the door, the gardener who was watering the flowers with a hose at the door suddenly poured all the water on Chester.

“Sorry young master Jewell, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” The gardener apologized in a panic, “I didn’t expect you to come out suddenly.”

“Son, why don’t you go up to take a shower and change your clothes.” Mrs. Jewell hurried up when she saw it.

“…Okay.” Chester took a deep look at his mother, and that eye looked at his mother as if her body had not penetrated.

When Chester walked upstairs and Kaiden wanted to follow but the bodyguard downstairs stopped him, “Brother Kaiden, Jewell’s family rules that we can’t go upstairs.”

Jewell’s family did have this rule, Kaiden was embarrassed to see with Chester.

“Wait downstairs.”

It wasn’t that Chester didn’t notice something was wrong.

Chester thought before that Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell called him for money, but when the gardener drenched him with water just now, he suddenly felt that he might have guessed wrong.

As for the real reason, it might be known later.

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    1. I think but I bet he wont be able to lay with cindy right now his priority is winning Charity back and raising Lisa together

  1. I think they set up Chester to be with Cindy. What Cindy did to Chester’s parents that they cannot turned down the opportunist? It would be lovely if Chester and Charity’s relationship will improve and be given a second chance considering that Chester is doing everything to win back Charity. I just hope Cindy’s greed will end like what happened to Sarah and the others. It would be better if Chester’s parents will suffer a bad fate
    most especially Hawk Jewell to compensate for all the bad things they did to Chester. I pity him for having a parents like them.

  2. The salt in the food 😥 luckily he took some water ,just praying these saddest don’t succeed
    Chester is ahead of the them
    He already has a son hehehehe

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