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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2907 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2907

In the evening.

The Bentley slowly drove into Jewell’s old house.

Chester, who had not been back for almost two years, had an indescribable sense of strangeness.

“Young Master, you can be considered to be looking forward to your return.” The housekeeper enthusiastically stepped forward to open the door in person, wanting to help.

Chester’s eyes swept over with a light note, and the smile on the housekeeper’s face froze.

“I don’t need your help.” Chester stretched out his cane, first stretched out a healthy leg, and then took the chip leg out.

Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell had come out. Just seeing Chester like this, Mr. Jewell’s eyes flashed with anger and disgust, but he quickly disappeared.

“Chester, your legs are really much better, like a normal person.” Mrs. Jewell greeted him with a smile, “Come in, Mom let the nanny cook a lot of your favorite dishes.”

Chester walked silently in the hall and entering the gate, two bodyguards nodded respectfully at him, and then smiled at Kaiden.

The bodyguard: “Brother Kaiden, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you.”

“I know you miss Kaiden, so I prepared a few tables of wine and food for you, and went to the side to get together.” Hank waved his hand majestically.

“I only came here after dinner, so I don’t need to eat.” Kaiden straightened his back, “My responsibility is to protect Young master Jewell with every step of the way.”

“What do you mean, he’s in his own home. It’s impossible to hurt him.” Hank got angry when he heard it.

The bodyguard on the side persuaded: “Brother Kaiden, Mr. Jewell always really wants to ease the relationship with Young master Jewell, let’s go to the side to get together, don’t disturb their family reunion, besides we are outsiders, some words are not convenient for us to listen.”

“Kaiden is not an outsider.” Chester suddenly said lightly, “I’m a person with inconvenient legs and feet, and I’m used to him serving by my side.”

Hank’s face sank in dissatisfaction, and Mrs. Jewell quickly stopped him to persuade him, “Okay, okay, isn’t it just a bodyguard, let Kaiden come in, it’s been hard for Kaiden these two days.”

Kaiden immediately followed Chester after hearing this.

The kitchen dishes were not ready yet.

After Chester sat on the sofa, Mrs. Jewell inquired about his life in foreign countries during this period of time.

She should be concerned, Chester chatted with each other.

Later, Chester didn’t know how to get involved with Cindy.

Mrs. Jewell said, “Cindy is quite business-minded, your dad and I invested some money in her, but I didn’t expect her to successfully acquire KC Technology. I heard that yesterday KC Technology and FYG Videos cooperation agreement has also been reached. By the way, in order to cooperate with KC Technology, the shareholders of FYG Videos also gave 10% of the shares to Cindy. Cindy said that she would give us 5% of the shares. She’s so kind and righteous.”

Chester was stunned for a moment, then frowned. He remembered that Charity was the major shareholder of FYG Videos, and Cindy stepped in because of what he wanted.

“Mom, you paid all the money for the acquisition of KC Technology. How much is FYG Videos’s 5% shares worth?” Chester was really speechless.

“5% of FYG Videos’s shares are naturally not worth much, but when the market value of FYG Videos increases, the money will double.” Hank snorted coldly, “There is still a lot of big cake for FYG Videos. There is room for expansion.”

“Are you planning to intervene?” Chester raised his eyebrows.

“We’re going to help Cindy.” Hank said lightly, “Don’t you always look down on me as a father? Let me tell you, I still have a lot of resources, even if I can’t be a shareholder of Jewell corporation, without you, I can still make money elsewhere.”

Chester lost his interest in talking instantly. His father and mother were really stupid and rich.

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    1. Hmmmmm I smell possible adoption. Thinking of how his own father caused further harm to 🤔 him. While in recovery they never bothered to check on him.

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