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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2905 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2905

Dear reader, i did a mistake 🙏 that Charity gave birth to a baby boy, named Levi not Lisa. Please continue it with her son name Levi.. Thank You..

Chester had not heard such mean words from Charity’s mouth for a long time.

As if a basin of cold water was poured down on the spot, it was completely cool.

He didn’t say a word for a long time until Charity hung up the phone in anger.

Chester sighed and looked at his lower body.

Why was one leg disabled at that time, it would be better if it was the third leg.

He would rather be punished and be a eunuch for the rest of his life than be disliked by the woman he likes.

Chester wanted to light a cigarette in melancholy, but considering the children in the room, he held back.

On the other hand, after Charity hung up the phone, she regretted it.

She wanted to slap herself.

It’s none of her business whether Chester was dirty or not. Why was she so cheap and impulsive? Wasn’t she disgusted and irritated by Cindy’s words?

It was said that when she hit a snake and hit three inches, Cindy was amazing. She didn’t say that she was not worthy of Chester, and she didn’t say that Hank Jewell and his wife hated her, so she disgusted herself with Chester’s past.

It stands to reason that Charity should be calm as if it has nothing to do with herself.

But somehow…it’s going to be irritating and irritating.

It seemed that those past events that were reluctant to go to remember had been turned over again.

But she also knew that Chester couldn’t be blamed entirely. If Sarah hadn’t provoked it when they were dating, Chester misunderstood that he had betrayed her, and his character would not have become what it was later.

It’s just…Charity really didn’t feel clean.

She wanted to forget it but what if it’s not clean. She and Chester were just neighbors now, she helped Mrs. Robbins, and she owed him favor.

The way Charity scolded Chester just now was with an undeserved emotion.

After thinking about it, Charity finally picked up the phone and sent Chester a message: [Sorry, I was too aggressive just now, don’t take it to heart.]

Could Chester not take it to heart? Charity’s impulsiveness meant that she still cared.

If Charity calmed down, she would consider herself a friend and a neighbor of Chester.

Chester: [Charity, how can I make you not feel dirty.]

Charity: [It’s all over. ]

Chester: [Does it mean that if I don’t have that thing, it will be clean. ]

Charity: [? ? ?]

Was that what Charity thought.

Charity shuddered: [Don’t be nervous.]

Chester: [Don’t worry, you are busy with Auntie Robbins’s affairs now, I won’t hold you back at this time. ]

Charity was not well. Did it mean that Chester would not be able to do it now, Was it possible that when Mrs. Robbins recovered, he would go crazy?

Chester: [Go ahead, I won’t disturb you, lest you see me and make you angry. Charity, I really don’t have any other delusions about you, I just want to be able to see you often in a nearby place. If you don’t even want to do this and think I’m dirty, I can only completely destroy the things that have betrayed you. ]

Charity: [……]

She regreted it now and wanted to take back what she said before.



After Chester coaxed Levi to fall asleep, Nanny came over and said embarrassingly, “Mr. Jewell, give me the child, you can go back and rest for a while.”

After being a nanny for half her life, she has never seen a man against her. The child who is not related to him is so attentive, and it is also very strange. Levi actually likes Chester very much. Every time he sees Chester, he smiles very brightly.

Chester wanted to hug his son for a while, but the phone rang, and when he saw the call, he frowned, afraid of disturbing the child, so he quickly pressed the mute, and handed Levi gently into Nanny’s hand.

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