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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2903 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2903

Charity: “It’s good.”

Charity had already decided to sell the shares anyway. She didn’t bother to comment on what Cindy thought.

If those shareholders could be persuaded by Cindy, that was also Cindy’s ability.

Hearing her approval, Cindy smiled, and her face with delicate makeup couldn’t hide her pride, “I also think it’s good. Of course, I didn’t think of FYG Videos’s problem alone, I also spent time and spent a lot of money to hire a team to study FYG Videos and the future market, and I am very optimistic.”

“So you just wanted to intervene?” Charity narrowed her eyes.

“It’s not about meddling, it’s to make FYG Videos develop better.” Cindy said with a light smile, “You see that although you are a major shareholder of FYG Videos and you have never done anything for FYG Videos. They’re all in Neeson’s small company, and your mother is going to have an operation recently, so why do you care so much about FYG Videos, I think it’s safest to enjoy dividends every year.”

Hugo frowned, a little unable to listen and couldn’t bear it. He was about to speak, but Charity gave him a beckoning glance.

Hugo had to purse his lips.

“Cindy, don’t be too lofty and down-to-earth.” Charity reminded.

“I think my feet are good now.” Cindy said mockingly, “it’s you, I really don’t understand what you’re thinking. There are no men in the world, and I forgot what Chester was like back then. Forcing you to be her woman, treating you like an object and sacrificing if you want to sacrifice. You won’t really think that Chester loves you just because Chester saved your life, hahaha…You’re too naive. That person Chester, I know him much longer than you, you sent him to prison, and you played a beautiful turnaround battle, ruining his reputation and you just attracted his desire to conquer.”

Hugo couldn’t control his mouth any longer, “If Mr. Jewell was not in true love, how could he try so hard to save Eliza? Not only did he almost kill himself, but also his legs.”

Cindy smiled and slowed down. He walked slowly to Charity’s side and started her red lips, “Others may sacrifice their lives to save because of love, but Chester is such an unscrupulous person, it is very likely that he wants to conquer, but if you really move your heart and fall in love with him, then you will have to toss.”

Charity’s dark pupils slowly looked at her.

Cindy smiled tenderly and said softly: “He is a person who pursues freshness. He has changed his mind and slept with a woman all his life. It is possible for others, but impossible for him. You know how powerful and brave he is in bed when he is with me. You probably won’t understand this kind of taste, because he will only say that you are like a dead fish.”

Charity didn’t look at her, but she didn’t know when, her eyes were deep like a black hole, and it seemed to be able to suck people in.

“Of course, when I was with him, he was not single-minded.” Cindy continued, “because I can’t satisfy him alone, even if he promised to get engaged to me before, he still can’t help but go out to steal food. Besides me, he has other women outside, the youngest is a college student, but don’t look at them as college students, Chester likes that youthful energy the most.”

Charity: “Sometimes, I really envy men. Chester can sleep with so many women, and our women sleep too much, they are called sassy, do you think so?”

Cindy raised her red lips, “Look at you, you have also slept with Monte before, Chester’s parents are discussing behind your back, saying that you are not prudent, a second-hand product, not worthy of his son at all.”

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