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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2855 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2855

As for visiting Chester in Rwanda.

She did have this idea. But she Just hasn’t decided yet.

Soon, the weather gradually turned cold.

Neeson Corporation’s new products were also in full swing.

With the golden signboard of Dominick and Charity’s backing of Fraga Pictures, the golden signboard of the entertainment industry, Neeson Corporation’s products soon broke into everyone’s attention again.

When the sales statistics at the end of the year came out, Neeson Corporation’s achieved amazing results.

In order to encourage employees, Charity proposed to organize outstanding employees to travel abroad this Christmas, but she gave the employees the decision of the place to travel abroad.

In December, the assistant gave Charity the location chosen for the tour: “Everyone prefers to travel to Europe. During the Christmas period, there are many special offers on foreign products. After a year of hard work, everyone wants to go out and buy.”

“Let’s go to Europe then.” Charity was startled and nodded in agreement, “You go to a better travel agency.”

“Ms. Eliza, are you going?” The assistant looked at her, “This is a way to get closer to the staff. It’s a good opportunity for distance, and you can take your mother, Mrs. Robbins out to play, the last time I chatted with your mother, she didn’t seem to have been to Europe.”

Charity: “I’ll go back and ask.”


Charity told Monica Robbins about traveling abroad.

“Let’s go to Europe.” Monica became nervous when she heard this, “but I don’t understand other languages expect English.”

“There are tour guides along with me, and I know some languages which are spoken in Europe, so it’s okay.” Charity thought that she had taken up Eliza’s body, but She rarely accompanies Monica, and felt a little guilty for a while, “I’ll accompany you, we haven’t traveled abroad for a long time.”

Monica saw her daughter suddenly being so considerate, and her heart warmed, “That’s okay, I’ve lived most of my life. I haven’t watched it abroad very much, I watched TV before, what kind of iron tower is there in France, so romantic.”

“That’s the Eiffel Tower.”

Charity pouted, Monica loves to watch these romantic dramas at her age, but France has filmed the most romantic dramas.

“Hey, by the way, I heard that Europe is very big, there are dozens of countries, will we go to Rwanda?” Monica suddenly asked hesitantly.

Charity was slightly stunned and asked, “I should go, why are you asking this?”

Monica gave her a complicated look, “Last time when Catherine came to our house, I heard that Chester went to Rwanda for treatment. I’m going to Rwanda this time, why don’t you drop by to visit him? He’s lost his legs, so it’s not good to leave him alone.”

Charity saw the guilt flashing in Monica’s eyes, her red lips parted slightly, ” Rwanda also has quite a few cities, and the tour guides usually go to cities with tourist attractions, so I don’t know if the road goes well…”

“What goes well, I heard that those small countries in Europe are not as good as us. City University, just drive a car in a few hours, it depends on whether you have the heart.”

Monica said accusingly, “If we go to Rwanda, I think we still have to take a look. It’s polite.”

“Okay. Right.” Charity said nothing.

It’s just complicated.

Chester sends her videos every day, but she hasn’t figured out how to face Chester who has lost a leg.

However, Monica has been preparing for the country since then.

She also bought a lot of specialties that she would bring to Chester, such as authentic wild honey and Cordyceps.

The day before going abroad, Charity sent a message to the sister group: [The company organizes a trip to Europe tomorrow, what should I bring? ]

Catherine called immediately, “Are you going to Europe? Coincidentally, we also plan to go to Rwanda for Christmas.”

5 thoughts on “Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2855 By Desirenovel”

  1. I wonder if the Rwanda in this story is fictional or the actual Rwanda, a poor east African country. Why would the author send Chester to Rwanda for medical treatment? I would imagine the medical technology there is very lacking. Being near the equator, it doesn’t snow in Rwanda. Why would Dominick go there to ski? And it is summer in Australia
    in December, not winter. Perhaps the author has Switzerland or Austria in mind. They’re all going to Europe, while Rwanda is in Africa.

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