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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2826 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2826

Mrs. Robbins spoke briefly with Mrs. Clark before sending her away.

When Mrs. Robbins came back, she asked her daughter, “Mrs. Clark’s words…are you trying to imply something?”

“Is there any need to say it, even you heard it?” Charity asked with a light smile.

“It’s not Mrs. Clark’s fault. If I were her, maybe I would think the same way she does.” Mrs. Robbins sighed. “Which parent doesn’t want their children to have a better and more successful career, and the neighbors usually say that Clark family has a good son who will undoubtedly rise to the position of high-ranking official in the future. Every festival, the city, county, and county leaders will come to her house to visit. When Mr. Clark and Mrs. Clark mention Miguel, there are a bunch of folds on the smiling faces. “

Charity laughed as she listened. “I don’t blame you. I understand. Then…If Miguel can meet the right girl, I will give my heartfelt blessing.”

Charity felt guilty in her heart because Miguel was so kind to her and helped her so much. She considered having a good relationship with him once she was cured.

She felt a faint sense of relief in her heart after hearing from Mrs. Clark just now that Miguel went on a blind date.

“Really… you’ve never liked Miguel?” Mrs. Robbins inquired cautiously.

“Mom, what Aunt Clark said is right We are not from the same world. I am a public figure who has always been the subject of heated debate. If Miguel marries me, he will be discussed and will have an impact on development.”

“Then we can’t delay others, lest your Aunt Clark have any opinions on us. After all, the neighbors are in trouble.” Mrs. Robbins nodded.

In the afternoon, all of the results came out. Charity was in good health and could be released from the hospital.

When Freya came to help, she pointed to the things Mrs. Clark had given her and explained the situation.

Freya said quickly. “I can’t take it anymore. Ryan told me that these things must not be accepted. Usually, many people give me more valuable items, which I refuse to touch.”

“I’ll let Miguel take it back, this is a f*cking idea, I guess he doesn’t know it.” Charity said calmly.

“I just said he got into a fight with Ryan’s friend. how could he do something like that?” Freya frowned, “His mother did this to embarrass you and me.”

Charity: “It’s natural for parents to want to do everything they can to help their children.”

Freya remembered the Mrs. Clark who met yesterday and knew she was After Ryan’s girlfriend, and frowned a little annoyed, “I don’t like his mother very much. She’s not from the world. To be honest, I thought you and Miguel were good together before, but I guess you and his mother might not get along. If this is true, Eliza may be fine, but you are not.”

“Mrs. Clark has also made it clear that she does not want me to be with Miguel. I’ll still be friends with him in the future.” Charity shrugged.

“You think so openly, it appears that you may not have a man-woman relationship for him, and it has nothing to do with your illness.” Freya expressed her feelings.

Charity silently pursed her lips. She didn’t need to remind Freya of this because she had already noticed it herself.

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  1. Good I like Miguel mother it’s great if he gets out from the story I want charity and Chester to be together ❤️

  2. I knew it.. Charity just doesn’t like Miguel that way.. And as her doctor once said, “her type of people only has one true love”..

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