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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2823 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2823

Charity frowned and asked, “Luciano is already dead, so their compensation…”

The policewoman sighed, “We’ve looked for Luciano’s wife and parents several times, but the Gagne family is large. They have money, but they are unwilling to pay it because they are relying on Luciano’s death. It’s no surprise that the Gagne family can teach such scum as Luciano.”

“I’ve heard that Luciano earns hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and losing a few million dollars is a drop in the bucket. Similarly, for some people, that small sum of money can mean the difference between life and death.” The traffic policeman said and couldn’t stop complaining.

Charity is not surprised at all. It is said that the moral compass of most wealthy people is much lower than that of ordinary people. “According to the law, when the perpetrator dies, the perpetrator’s family must also be compensated.”

“Yes, but the victim must file an appeal. The lawsuit does not take a day or two, and the Gagne family may win if they can afford a good lawyer, but the victim cannot wait, and they must pay for their lives. Miss Eliza, your earning a few million dollars is easy for you, but many ordinary people cannot earn that much in their lifetime.”

Charity could hear the police officers’ complaints, but she was not enraged, instead, she thought about it and said, “How much are their medical expenses, I will help them pay, no matter what, it is my responsibility.”

For a while, the traffic officers and police officers were embarrassed.

“Anyway, I do charity work every year.” Charity explained, “Of course, I hope this is kept a secret, because if I go public, the Gagne family will not give me a penny, whether Luciano dies or not. Death, it should be from the Gagne family, and the family of the girl who was killed by Luciano in the hotel will not get a penny.”

“Those family members are not fools, for sure.” The policewoman looked Charity in the eyes and said more gently, “Miss Charity, I thank you on their behalf.”

“I’m not qualified to accept this thank you. They’re all unsuspecting victims.” Charity was depressed.

The policewoman: “You also want justice for the hotel girl.”

Charity was embarrassed. At first, she just wanted to exact revenge on the Patterson family.

“Don’t bother me, let’s go first, and if there’s any progress in this case, we might need to ask you to make a record.” The policewoman said, and stood up.

The policewoman looked down at her phone as Charity led them to the door and said, “Chester’s ward appears to be upstairs.”

“Are you going to Chester to make a statement?” Charity inquired.

“Yes, I should have gone a long time ago, but I heard he can’t speak and his condition is unstable. It seems to be better today.”

Considering the relationship between Charity and Chester, the policewoman paused and stated, “His situation is much more serious than yours.”

Charity: “Because of the death of Luciano?”

The traffic police said, “Not only that, but driving in the opposite direction at high speed is illegal. Although the goal is to save people, if everyone is like him, society will be a shambles. He was responsible for a string of car accidents in which a large truck and a car collided while driving in opposite directions. More than ten people were injured, four of whom were seriously injured and are still being treated in the intensive care unit.”

The traffic police continued, “I’m at a loss for words when it comes to this individual. He’s insane and a lunatic.”

“Please also provide me with a list of those who were injured in the car accident. I’m willing to compensate” Charity stated hesitantly.

The traffic police: “No need, Chester’s assistant has already paid the compensation, and it is very expensive, but I still want to say that ordinary people’s lives are also lives.”

After the traffic police finished speaking, they went upstairs.

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  1. Jannatul Ferdous

    The people strated calling charity instead Eliza! Charity is her reall name that this police man should not know.. Plz b carefull with that in future…
    And more chapters plz..

  2. Any update on the other characters? Like forest and Jessica? Ryan and Freya? Shaun and Cathy? Liam? The twins? None of the weddings that were supposed to happen are mentioned after starting Charity’s story and the plot mostly just revolves around her now. Honestly, I prefer the stories of the other main characters unlike Charity’s story. It’s boring, cold and least interesting. Mostly about revenge and cruelty. Seems like there is less passion when the author wrote it and just mainly dragging it.

      1. Jannatul Ferdous

        May b after getting the audience positive feedback the publisher insist the writer to broadened the story. And now he explaining every each of the character’s story.. we may heard shaun’s assistant Hadley’s love story one day…

  3. today as am writing this is 21/08/2022 and no update and it pains me. its like i wanna read towards Eliza/Charity happy ending with Chester and it is taking forever. There is still Freya and Ryan’s life whom i found very interesting.
    Catherine and Shaun is there already…… oh also Freya’s ex and Freya’s brother and his now wife…..
    Can we move on :)?

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