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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2786 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2786

“Mr. Jewell, I’ll pour you a drink.” Another sexy woman said attentively.

Chester almost hugged from left to right for a while.

“How old are you?” Chester grabbed the woman on the left’s chin.

“I’m 20.” The woman’s heart beat faster when she saw Chester’s handsome face.

Chester chuckled as he said, “Sell at 20.”

Chester’s reputation was well known, and he had long heard of his character, but he was rich and handsome, and this was his most endearing quality.

No woman close to him was eager to be the last woman who could conquer him.

Not to mention how excited she was to be chosen to send over.

“Unhappy?” Chester arched his brow.

“No…no. I…I didn’t sell it, this is my first time here.” The woman trembled.

“You didn’t come here to sell anything. Do you want to fall in love with me?” Chester said quietly, “Shedrick, the woman you chose is interesting.”

“Shut up if you can’t speak, and don’t leave me alone.” Shedrick cursed hastily.

The woman walked away from Chester with red eyes.

“The mind is so delicate, yet it comes out to mix.” Chester was smoking a cigarette, his legs were folded, and his bones had an extremely bad taste. He was born with such a person, and it was so bad that the woman beside him felt her heartbeat quicken.

“Young master Jewell, you don’t know her in the same way, I’ll toast you.” the woman on the right said embarrassingly.

“Would you like to toast me as well?” Chester grinned.

“Sorry, I am overthinking my abilities.” the woman said quickly as her arm stiffened.

“Young master Jewell, those two were already the most beautiful tonight, you have to drive them away again, I don’t even know who to look for.” Shedrick grumbled.

“Isn’t Young master Jewell a bed warmer? It’s enough to serve well on the bed.” Mr. Lord said on the side, smiling.

“How do you serve while lying in bed?” Chester sighed as he looked at the woman.

“…Okay.” The woman blushed and spoke quietly.

Chester looked at it and felt rather bored.

Even with an expensive cigarette in his hand and the company of a young and beautiful woman, he couldn’t tell how empty he was.

“Then I’ll feed you a bar, Young master Jewell.” The woman lowered her head and sipped her wine from the glass, and her delicate body approached and was about to be plated into his mouth.

Chester stared at her crimson lips, the scent of imported perfume wafting from her skin. He suddenly rebelled and pushed her away, “What are you, are you worthy of kissing me?”

For a while, the entire box was silent.

The woman had become even paler.

“Okay, what is Young master jewell’s identity, do you deserve to kiss him? Just serve tea and pour wine.” Shedrick said hurriedly.

The bosses exchanged a few glances after that.

Everyone believed that Chester was becoming increasingly difficult to get along with. He was cold-blooded enough before, but he appeared to be doing enough now….

Several people were suffering from headaches.

The women around Chester then dared not make any small movements, instead silently pouring wine and lighting cigarettes for him.

“We didn’t order this wine.”

“We ordered only white wine.” Shedrick said, pointing to the two bottles of Romani brought in by the waiter.

“It was delivered by someone who said it was for……” The waiter quickly explained.

The waiter eyes fell on Chester, “The most handsome man in the box.”

“This wine is not inexpensive. Mr. Jewell, who is your admirer?” Mr. Lord was surprised to pick up a bottle and study it again.

“Who gave it?” Chester asked, slightly surprised.

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