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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2673 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2673

Charity said calmly, “It’s really a shame that I don’t miss you at all. In the last three months, I have had a very fulfilling life and it’s all thanks to you, Mr. Jewell, for your generous donation of $1 billion. I’ve helped a lot of people.”

Chester said with a thoughtful and evil smile, “In this manner…It appears that I will force you to be my woman in vain, otherwise, I will do it again. Play with you for a while, and I’ll send you in for another three months, and I’ll give you $1 billion to help more people. Anyway, you enjoy doing good deeds so much that it is not an exaggeration to carefully sacrifice your body.

“It sounds very appealing…”

Charity said, raising her eyebrows, “But if I want to help others, I may not be short of a billion.”

“What exactly do you mean?” Chester was stunned for a moment, and his mind was racing.

Charity smiled and said, “Because I don’t want to run out of money in the future. I invested in a business and it made a lot of money. There will be 10 billion dollars in dividends if I do it well every year. To be honest, I don’t care for that kind of money.”

“10 billion dollars?” Chester examined Eliza carefully for a long time, seeing that she didn’t appear to be lying, and many doubts arose in his heart, “What business is so profitable, it’s pretty good. What intrigues me is that you, Catherine, and Freya have jointly invested in something?”

But Chester was still surprised; even if Catherine is very powerful. It is unlikely that he is unlikely to make so much money so soon after becoming a shareholder.

After all, Jewell Corporation shareholders have previously paid dividends in this amount.

Charity said mysteriously, “That isn’t it. The main reason is that the president of the company I invested in is quite powerful, and he is very despicable and unscrupulous. I believe that such a president exists to maximise profits for the company’s money.”


Chester became increasingly suspicious as he listened. “Is it possible that Shaun established a new company and Catherine invited you to become a shareholder?”

It’s all in good fun.

She is now anticipating the moment Chester discovers the truth.

But Chester just arrived, so he should be very busy, and he hasn’t had time to learn that Jewell owns 10% of the company.

Very interesting, indeed.

Chester frowned rarely and always thought the woman in front of him had an odd expression.

“By the way, you said you were quite wealthy. Why didn’t you take pictures of the banquet tonight? do you need me to give you something?” Chester abruptly changed the subject.

“I’m sorry, but there are far too many people who want to spend this money on me tonight. Wait in line if you want to buy something for me.” Charity finished speaking and walked arrogantly past him on her high heels.

Chester seemed to be moved by something in his heart. He returned his gaze, grabbed the woman’s wrist, and drew her to him with all his might. His tone was gentle, but his eyes were as cold as ice. “Eliza, you’re insane in front of me. Do you think I really forgot to send you to prison in person?”

“I didn’t.”

Charity said indifferently, “It is only right that you do something wrong and go to jail. If you are dissatisfied, file a complaint with the judge, the police, and the president. Because you have such a large network of contacts, perhaps someone will accept your appeal, and the state will speak for you in person, proving that it is not illegal to persecute women.”

9 thoughts on “Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2673 By Desirenovel”

  1. Eliza/Charity will be the cause of his demise. Maybe the three months in prison was not enough for him to learn his / a lesson. Why is he putting his hands on her again???

  2. I like this the i never expect him to accept his defeat so easily but both of them think alike when it come in the terms of revenge so it’s interesting to me and by the way i don’t think he should lose everything or end up with ill fate he it will get boring he should respect women more he is very acceptable and intelligent so i think he deserve a chance shaun did chester heart has charity in his heart and she also love him they need to find they way back just saying

  3. I guess the author might gonna end the Charity/Eliza and Chester episode by: Chester get to know that Eliza was Charity, cannot longer go back and extreme regret like Roney. and maybe to the point commit suicide by jump from the bridge to repay Charity.

    However, Chester is not like Roney. Actually, first when they still study, he also like Charity but later he was deceived by Sarah that led to misunderstood Charity and later extreme character and actions.

    So I personally hope Chester have a chance to redeem like Shaun. Maybe the author could give a chance for Chaester to reborn at the time that he want to send Charity to jail. Give Charity and him a chance to love and have happiness.

  4. I don’t want Chester and Charity together. Some wounds can’t be healed with time. Also Shaun and Catherine relationship is a lot different than Chester and Charity. If I asked you for once, what did Chester ever did for Charity or Eliza. Apart from humiliation hurt and pain one can’t say anything. Even if they overcome this, how do you describe their love; a toxic one. Charity know it well that if only Chester would have never liked her he won’t have gone to such drastic measures in court. Do you really think they can be happy together. What are you expecting from Charity ,to love the man that took everything from her. What will she say to her parents tombstone; how will she face them at afterlife
    Even if love is their how will Chester face her knowing he indirectly took his entire family and life as well. They will never be equal in relationship. Knowingly or unknowingly, some mistakes made can’t be undone and their impact changes life. Both will be more happy to find others as their love. Shaun cut his finger for what he did to Logan unknowingly. What will Chester did? Die !! Particularly not.
    Their together existence can be happy in a novel but it can’t ever be in a realistic way.

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