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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2639 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2639

Chester looked Eliza’s eyes. The woman’s eyes were deep and calm, with no trace of fear. No woman had ever dared to look at him like this without fear, let alone provoke him.

Chester’s eyes narrowed slowly as he remembered Eliza from a few days ago. “Eliza, you didn’t have this attitude before, who gave you the confidence?”

“Of course, my people have left from Australia.” Eliza revealed the truth and stopped hiding.

God knows how disgusting it was for her to treat him in such a vain and condescending manner at the time.

Chester stared at her for a long time before coming to a conclusion.

“So it is.”

“I didn’t expect it, I was wrong.” Chester said hoarsely.

Chester thought Eliza was using the original one, so he was surprised when she suddenly changed. It is a difficult approach, and the nature is revealed later.

Furthermore, her submissive demeanour at the time made him uninterested. It was later revealed that she had been acting alongside him the entire time.

“As expected of an actor, he is very good at acting.” Chester said while pointing at her. His eyes like a poisonous snake, “Eliza, if you have the ability and dare to play with me, you are the first.”

“Do you think I dare to play with you? Women are probably playthings for you, they can arouse your interest when you don’t get them, and they are like garbage when you get them.” Eliza mocked. Same.”

“You’re quite familiar with me.” Chester sneered sarcastically.

“The same goes for Charity.” Eliza abruptly stated.

This name tense Chester’s body, and he looked at her coldly.

But Eliza was not afraid at all, “Isn’t it true that when you were with Charity, you were kind to her in every way and responded to her needs, so that she had a deep-seated love for you, and when she couldn’t extricate herself, you kicked her ruthlessly?” Open her up, you’re playing with her from beginning to end, and I’m afraid Charity was not as good as Sarah in your mind back then.”

Chester gave a cold frown, “Who told you of this? Is it Catherine or Freya?”

“Of course not, I’ve always communicated with Charity.”

Eliza approached him and looked down at him condescendingly, saying, “Chester, do you know what I’m thinking every time you force me to go to bed? You coaxed my good friend into bed, played with her emotions, and even allowed her to die. You not only had no conscience, but you also forced Charity’s friend to sleep with you, so how can you not die?”

“Do you want to die, Eliza?”

The bodyguard on the other side gasped and rushed forwards to grab Eliza’s arm.

“Go ahead.” Chester’s temple was tense, and he glared at Eliza, wishing to pierce her.

Eliza took a medicine bottle from her bag. “Do you know what this is? It’s for me to forcibly cooperate with your medicine in bed. Are you surprised that I’ve changed so much later, because every time I go to bed with you, I change so much? I have to eat this thing before you can do it. I can’t eat it if you don’t do it. I think you’re disgusting, and you always look like you’re so good at your skills. Haha…, I’m laughing myself silly. Do you think I look down on you because you look down on me?”

The surrounding aura was extremely cold.

The bodyguards besides him were trembling. They had never seen Chester’s face so enraged before.

Eliza continued, “Actually, I really hate you for being dirty even though I was with you, I had to have a medical exam every week. I’m worried about getting sick. So you’re high above and look down on women. I’m not sure who gives you confidence; women with ability and self-worth can look up to you; what kind of third-rate women can you attract?”

After Eliza finished speaking, she threw the medicine away contemptuously on his chest, “Don’t think about dating women all day. Your abilities are lacking, as is your character. Mr. Jewell, when you make money, please improve your quality.”

“You are courting death, Eliza.” Chester was apprehended. He stood up from the reclining chair in rage, holding the medicine that had been smashed on his chest, not caring about the injury on his feet.

“Master. Jewell.” The bodyguard was horrified.

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  1. I love this Chapter as someone is eventually telling Chester how filthy he really is. He is really a very sick man. I will not trust him as a doctor. If he can’t respect women, he can’t respect a life. Women are living human beings.

  2. oh pls author. Dont break my heart again. Let Chester and Charity be together. Punish Chester but pls continue their relationship and give them a happy ending. Dont repeat the history of Rodney. So so heart broken that all of Shaun’s friends ended up to have a sad ending and yet you keep the happy ending to 2nd characters like the brother of Freya. Pls focus more on the main characters happiness and give them a chance to be able to prove that they also are good people. Just like you did to Shaun. Thank you 😇

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