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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2633 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2633

“Mr. Jewell, I didn’t mean it. You know, I’m so popular that there are always some dark fans harassing me; I was smashed by dark fans the last time I played the car. I did this to protect myself, because who knows Mr. Jewell is… so lawless?” Eliza complained faintly.

Shedrick was speechless. Well, he actually thought it made some sense.

“Don’t say I’m unreasonable. I’ll send you one million in remittance here as compensation for medical expenses and mental damages. I think this money should be enough for Mr. Jewell. You remind him and don’t try to deceive me. It’s urgent, I sent it to the Internet to consult a lawyer.”

Shedrick took a deep breath and looked at the phone.

Is Eliza arrogant and borrowing courage from the sky?

Half an hour later, When Shedrick arrived at the hospital, Chester was already lying on the hospital bed and his right foot wrapped in thick gauze.

It’s just that Chester was having a bad day. His beautiful face was as cold as an ice sculpture, filled with cold air.

“Mr. Daley, tell Eliza to come in.” Chester said, who has always collapsed in front of Mount Twynam. In other words, no one dared to hurt him. Especially if the opposing party is a woman.

Chester even thought that Shedrick arrived so quickly because Eliza didn’t dare to come alone, so she pulled Shedrick along with him.

I’d like Shedrick to intercede and wish for her.


Shedrick was stunned for a few seconds, and after reacting, the corners of his mouth twitched, “I didn’t see Eliza.”

“What, she didn’t come?” Chester shivered in anger. “You contact her and have her appear in front of me within 20 minutes, or she will never want to appear in the entertainment circle again.”

Shedrick is suffering from a headache but he avoided Chester and called Eliza, saying, “You better come here, pay the money to President Jewell in person, admit your mistake and apologise. I’ll say something nice to you, this is all it’s over.”

“I’m not going. All I just want to do is protect myself, isn’t that wrong?”

Shedrick demanded angrily, “Do you really want to be banned?”

“I’m thinking about it, I still have it in my hometown, and if it’s really blocked, I’ll go home and farm.” Eliza said helplessly.

Shedrick was speechless.

Is there any land available?

Is she kidding?

Shedrick said that he didn’t understand the entertainment industry a bit.

Chester returned to the ward and asked coldly, “How?”

“Uh… Eliza transferred me $1 million, claiming it was to compensate for your mental loss and medical expenses.” Shedrick said.

“$1 million?” Chester exclaimed angrily, “She’s very generous, but I only have $1 million feet; find me a lawyer and I’ll sue her.”

“Mr. Jewell, Eliza is a public figure; if the trouble grows worse, others will know about you crawling into her house.” Shedrick kindly reminded.

The Jewell Corporation might be unable to accept such a scandal from its own president.

Chester said, his handsome face as gloomy as the night, “I don’t believe in a woman who can’t be cured without me. You give me news, in the entertainment circle, whoever dares to help Eliza in the future will be against me. All medical resources in the family will not be open to the other family.”

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  1. If she was banned from the industry, she’ll just go home and farm.. This is hilarious!!! I love Eliza’s sarcastic and unbothered expressions 🤣🤣

    If I were Chester, I’d be enraged by her remarks coz I won’t have anything to threaten her anymore.. hahaha He deserves it tho..

  2. I guess her men succeeded in travelling out of the country so she is free and can’t be threatened anymore. Nice!
    Great and captivating story

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