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Chapter 2354

Chase picked up a melon seed on the table, peeled it off and said indifferently, “There’s nothing to talk about between us.”

He was really annoyed.

In the years when Catherine had an accident, he helped her When he was so inclined to say something nice, Rodney would spray him to death, and sometimes his words were particularly unpleasant and he was very chilled at the time.

For a woman, so what?

He didn’t come to the capital much after that and even if he did, he wouldn’t meet Rodney and the others.

Later, Catherine and Shaun got back together and he slowly recovered his relationship with Shaun and Chester.

A person of his status was not short of money and he had never thought of coming to the capital for development. With a brotherhood, no one had ever thought of pleasing anyone.

Rodney opened his mouth with difficulty, “Chase, look at our college classmates, how good we were at the time…”

Ryan on the side glanced at Chase’s indifferent expression and frowning helplessly. He got up and walked over and hugged Rodney’s shoulder, “Brother Rodney, I have something to talk to you about. Let’s go out and have a few words.”

Rodney didn’t miss Chase’s face but he had already been riding a tiger and it would be embarrassing if he walked away.

Ryan just gave a step. Rondey didn’t say a word and went out with him.

The two of them walked out of the banquet hall before Ryan let went of his arms, “Why did you need to come? You knew that the Lynch family didn’t welcome you and in the end you couldn’t even come down.”

Rodney said loudly, “After all, the Lynch family moved so much, Important things…”

Ryan was particularly annoyed, “Brother Rodney, you were divorced and the Lynch family would not welcome you and there were some things in this world that were not a mistake and an apology was enough. Don’t bother the Lynch family anymore now. they don’t care about your apology and they don’t want to see you. Also, your friend, your relationship with you can’t be the same as before, understand.”

“Ryan, You did not understand.”

Rodney said with a pained face: “I love Freya, you know. These days, thinking about the hurt I have done to her. I would rather die than life. why don’t I cherish it, in fact, I didn’t love Sarah for a long time even after I got married to Sarah. I had her in my mind because of a misunderstanding at that time. I didn’t dare to face up to that relationship. You may not believe it, it didn’t happen after Sarah and I got married. Over the relationship, as long as I touch her, I will feel sick to my stomach and feel very uncomfortable.”

“In that relationship, if I hadn’t been drunk, I would definitely not have betrayed Freya. I only knew about Sarah’s childbirth when she had a miscarriage.” Ryan was stunned for a while and a little surprised.

“Brothr Rodney, So what? when you don’t cherish it, it means you have missed it. If you love her, does she have to love you?”

“That’s not what I mean…”

Ryan said impatiently, “If you really love someone, you should make her happy instead of causing her endless troubles and don’t pester her anymore.”

Rodney’s peach blossom eyes gradually narrowed and said, “Ryan, this is You care so much about the things between me and her. It is because you like her too.”

“I went in for dinner.” Ryan turned around and wanted to leave.


Rodney said coldly, “You dared to admit it before but now you don’t even dare to admit it. it is the matter between me and Freya, and it’s none of your business.”

Ryan said rudely, “I’m helping you out today, for the sake of relatives. I think you’re quite busy, so you might as well think about what you should do in the future.”

After that, he went in directly.

Freya walked up to him, “Is Rodney gone?”

“I don’t know, anyway, if Brother Rodney comes in again, I won’t help him.” Ryan said with a frown.

Freya also felt that Rodney was annoying, “By the way, my dad said that Rodney just sent a Pixiu jade over. It should be quite expensive. He wants to drag you back to the Snow family.”

“Well, it’s definitely impossible . It was sent by my uncle and the others, and it should have been sent by Rodney under the guise.”

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  1. What happened to the queens necklace Shaun gave Catherine in Melbourne? Is he going to give it back to her? Is Liam really dead? When will the Jessica and Forrest and Eliza and Chester story begin? Please drop the Rodney and Sarah storyline.

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