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Chapter 2316

“Master Shaun, what are you doing?”

Looking at Shaun’s jealous look, Freya pursed her lips deliberately, “Cathy and I are talking to each other just now.Also Cathy said that Freya wanted me to be a man. Yes Shaun, you have nothing to do and Freya also said that she will never forget me.”

“Is what Freya said true?” Shaun glared at Catherine, and Catherine’s face extremely ugly.

Catherine: “…” Cough, Freya said that… but it’s just a pure sisterhood relationship. Is it necessary…to make her seem cheating?

Freya immediately stood up in front of Shaun, “Young Master Hill, what are you doing? although you are reconciled with Catherine now. My position in her heart is irreplaceable and I was with Catherine when she was at her most helpless and despondent but it was you, who once hurt Catherine for so long. We still need to rack our brains. Take revenge, can you show the courage of a man? this time I really cleaned up Sarah who ruined the relationship between the two of you.”

As soon as the voice of Freya fell, Shaun froze.

Freya suddenly felt a little regretful after seeing Shaun face.”Shaun, forget it, I’m just talking nonsense, what I mean is to recognized Sarah’s true face clearly. It’s time to get rid of her but she ran away and now she ran back and made so many things…”

Before Freya could finish, Shaun had put down his phone and slammed the door to leave.

Freya blinked, “Did I say something wrong?”

“You’re right.”

Catherine picked up her phone and said, “Sarah was Rodney’s girlfriend from the beginning and it was because of him. Sarah met Rodney and Chester and Rodney has hurt so many of us, so he should clean up himself.”


Catherine interrupted her. Her thick eyelashes drooping slightly, “Although Shaun and I are reconciled. Sarah is the hurdle that has always existed in our hearts otherwise you would think that why don’t we want to get married again after being together for so long? It’s ridiculous or not. I, you, Charity, lost so much in the hands of a mere Sarah. I’m not reconciled. For Sarah, I want her to get the justice and she deserves in the law.”

“You’re talking about Aunty Jennifer’s death?”


Catherine nodded, “Whether Sarah is disabled or disfigured, it can make my heart happy but what about the Aunty Jennifer and Charity? Aunty Jennifer was killed by her. Only by letting everyone know the bad things Sarah has done and letting the law judge her can I feel at ease.”

Freya’s eyes narrowed and Suddenly understood.

Therefore, Catherine never agreed with Eliza’s way of dealing with Sarah.

Sarah was taken back to the hotel by Garrett after spending a week in the hospital.

At the same time, there is also the lawyer’s letter that Rodney came with.

Rodney wants to Sarah for fraudulent marriage and ask Sarah to compensate for the money that spent on their marriage as well as a huge amount of spiritual compensation.

After Sarah received the lawyer’s letter, she scolded Rodney with all kinds of vicious words in the hotel and then begged Garrett, “Garrett, you must help me get a lawyer to win this lawsuit. I also want Rodney and beat him and wants to go to jail and want him to be disgraced.”

“Okay, Sarah, don’t worry, I will definitely seek justice for you.”

Garrett comforted, While holding back inside.

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