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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2238 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2238

“Freya, it’s rare to come out, don’t stare at your phone. come here and cheer up.”

A female colleague of the institute boldly told everyone some interesting things about the institute.

In order to learn more, Freya put down her phone and integrated into the atmosphere.

Everyone chatted until 10 o’clock before returning to the dormitory.

Freya drank 5 or 6 bottles of beer and got a little drunk.

When she received Ryan’s videocall, she was still a little overwhelmed, “I’m sorry, I spent too much time talking with everyone tonight and drank a bit too much, is Dani asleep?”


Ryan looked at her in the phone had long enchanting hair scattered on the bed, her small face turned red after drinking and beautiful eyes were drunk and hazy.

Ryan’s face was dark for a while and tone was cold, “So you still remember Dani.”

Freya was startled, although she drank a lot but she was not completely drunk. When Ryan thought of something, he immediately rushed out, “What do you mean, how couldn’t I remember Dani?”

“Since I remembered, why do I have to drink so much wine and then go back to this point?” Ryan’s starry eyes revealed accuse.

Ryan hardly ever blamed himself and Freya instantly froze, “It’s 10 p.m. now, people were still drinking when I left, for many people the nightlife has just begun. Besides, do you think I want to drink So much? It’s not for the sake of getting closer to them, chatting with them and can learn more.”

“Freya, Learning is the second priority but Safety of your life is the first priority, you have to know that.”

“Me too. My lord, I don’t need your teaching.” The more Freya listened, the more aggrieved she felt, “Ryan, you don’t believe me at all, you are still murdering me and we have only been dating for a long time then you are murdering me, I hate you.”

After finished speaking Freya got emotional and threw her phone away and cried on the pillow.

She didn’t want to deal with Ryan anymore also didn’t let him help her with the child.

When Ryan was coaxing her to date, he said how nice it was. He would be nice to her, not like Rodney did.

No matter what, we must break up.

She fell asleep crying and crying, and the phone rang many times and didn’t answer.

When she woke up the next morning, her head was still swollen and eyes were sore.

Thinking of the dispute last night, although she calmed down and didn’t want to break up, she was still very aggrieved.

She picked up the phone and found that Ryan made a lot of calls and videocalls after hanging up last night and after she fell asleep, he sent a lot of messages.

[Baby, I didn’t mean to kill you, the reason why I’m unhappy tonight is because I’m worried that it’s not safe for you to be a girl drinking outside. It’s not too long and you don’t know their real people. Sometimes they may be good people in their daily work, but who knows what it’s like in private. You said you drink so much with them, can I rest assured? If something really happened, I can’t come to protect you in time. If I don’t care at all, then I don’t love you. ]

[I also understand that you want to get closer to your colleagues in the research institute and learn more knowledge, but I think the premise of learning something is to protect yourself. Don’t forget that you are not alone. I put safety first for our sake. ]

[Also, let me give you an opinion, you are already a leader among young people in this area of research. If you are the same age as yourself or a little older than yourself, you may not be able to learn useful knowledge. If you want to learn better knowledge, you should try to make friends with those old professors who are very knowledgeable, who have amazing achievements in the field of beauty.]

[Aim at the target and find the one that can really help you, you don’t need too many friends, one or two is enough. ]

[Go to bed earlier, I won’t disturb you. When you wake up in the morning and see it, please remember to Reply me a message, I will be worried. ]

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