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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2237 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2237

The pitiful appearance made Freya’s heart soften, and he quickly coaxed: “Don’t worry, I don’t like foreign men.”

“Then who do you like?” Ryan stared at her without blinking.

Freya’s face flushed, “Enough is enough, don’t you know who I like.”

Ryan hummed, “I don’t know.”

“I’ll ignore you.”

Freya hung up the video call. After hesitating for a few seconds she sent a text in a twisted manner: [I like you the most.]

After the post, her heart was beating like a mess.

After dating for a period of time, it was the first time that she sent such a message bluntly.

She took a deep breath with covered her hot face and returned to her seat.

“Freya, I heard from Sylvie that you have a child?” Jamison from the institute came over with a bottle of beer and asked. The man’s black shirt was undone and his gestures were filled with the uninhibitedness of foreign men and looked dashing.


Freya was startled and nodded generously and didn’t say that she was divorced.

“Oh, is that so, what a pity.”

Jamison said with a disappointed face, “You look very young, I originally wanted to pursue you, what a pity, you are the most beautiful I have ever seen. The oriental beauty.”

“Jamison, want to open up.” His friend laughed, “You all say that Freya is a very beautiful oriental beauty and naturally many men pursue it.”

“Thank you for your liking but I can only I’m sorry.”

Faced with such a frank and sincere confession, Freya could only clink glasses with Jamison generously.

After taking a sip of beer regretfully, Jamison suddenly smiled and said, “Freya, don’t rush to refuse, you can also consider having a short-term relationship with me on the European side.”

“Wow.” Colleagues from the surrounding research institutes all whistled excitedly, with expressions on their faces watching the excitement.

Sylvie also smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

Freya felt that her views were all impacted, and her little face was extremely speechless.

Jamison blinked ambiguously, “It’s a long night and inevitable that a person with a surname in a foreign country will be lonely.”

“Er… thank you, I don’t,” Freya said with a smile, “I have a lover, no I’ll do something that’s sorry for him.”

“You Australian people are just too conservative.” Jamison shrugged helplessly.

Freya was ashamed, not because she was too conservative but was too unrestrained. Sure enough, she still prefers men from Australia.

Coincidentally, Ryan replied to her message: [My dear, I really want to put you on the bed and kiss you hard. ]

Drinking the little face after drinking, it suddenly became very hot.

Freya scolded: [Rogue. ]

Ryan: [Hmm, let me be a hooligan when I come back. ]

This hint can be too obvious.

Freya was a little afraid to face the text message, and she continued to read it. she was afraid that it would explode in place.

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