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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2236 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2236

“Dani, don’t make trouble.” Ryan quickly put Dani into the cradle.

Freya was disappointed to see Dani ignoring her. “Dani doesn’t think about me at all.”

“Don’t worry, Dani misses you too. When I carry her around the room at night, she looked around. I’m probably looking for you.” Ryan said with a smile, “How are you adapting in the romantic country? Have you met a lot of handsome foreign guys, and are there people chasing you?”

“Yes, there are more than 70 years old in the laboratory. Does the old professor count?” Freya raised an eyebrow and joked.

“Impossible, you look so good-looking, and no man would strike up a conversation with you?” Ryan said jokingly.

“Yeah, it’s a rare trip to a foreign country, but no one chatted up. I’m a little disappointed. I didn’t expect me to be so unattractive.” Freya also said with a look of disappointment.

“Okay, I’ll help you take care of the baby at home, but you’re thinking of messing around with me outside.” Ryan’s face sank and he snorted coldly.

“Isn’t that what you asked first?” Freya smiled “puchi” “Just kidding, the laboratory here is far from the city, so it’s not convenient for me to buy some cosmetics.”

“I have it over there. My friend, you can ask him to arrange a driver for you, and you can go and play around on weekends.” Ryan said softly, “It’s rare to go abroad, so don’t study hard every day, just go to the surrounding area to relax yourself.”

“You If you’re not jealous, you’re not afraid of me coming out for a period of beautiful jade?”

“No, you’re not that kind of person.” Ryan’s dark eyes were full of certainty.

Freya looked at the handsome young man in the video, and almost had a strong feeling of wanting to give him a good hug.

It happened that Dani was crying in his cradle.

Ryan hurriedly put the video aside and went to coax Dani, Freya watched him coax Dani over there.

At that moment, a strange thought popped into her mind.

As if Ryan was her husband, he took his daughter at home while she was studying outside.

The video didn’t hang. She occasionally looked down at the research materials on the desk. Missing her daughter, she looked up at her phone, but the video never hung up.

Freya and Ryan are doing each other’s things separately. Although they are far apart, their hearts have never been so close.

Gradually, every day when Freya come back from work, she turn on her mobile phone and make a video call with Ryan.

Of course, over time, she has become more and more familiar with the people in the institute, especially many researchers are very young, and sometimes they invited Freya to eat in town after get off work.

In order to learn more knowledge, Freya and Sylvie generally would not refuse.

It’s been a long time. Occasionally, when Ryan’s videos passed, it happened to be when she was having dinner outside.

After being connected, Freya hurriedly said, “I’m still eating out, I’ll go back and make a video with you.”

“I accompany Dani to get vaccinated today, and she cried a little when she came back.” Ryan said.

Freya’s heart twitched and she quickly got up and went out to coax her daughter.

After coaxing for a while, Ryan said leisurely, “Baby, you’ve become more dashing when you’re outside. There are men when you’re eating.

“I believe it, but it will definitely taste good.” Ryan’s eyes showed undisguised resentment, “Suddenly I lost confidence in myself.”

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