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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2233 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2233

“I’ve lost weight…”


Ryan smiled, “Then I really have to make up for it, I promise you.”

“You think it’s beautiful.”

Freya rudely put a pinch on his thigh.

Ryan took the opportunity to hold her hand, “Look at you, you are about to go abroad, but you are only worried that Dani will miss you but not at all on me”

“We can chat every day, but Can’t Dani?” Freya felt a little guilty and as a girlfriend, she really neglected him these two days.

“You won’t even eat a child’s vinegar.”

“That won’t happen, It’s just…”

Ryan took advantage of the red light and whispered in her ear, “I’ll miss you very much.”


Ryan’s breath blew on the tip of her ear and Freya’s unsatisfactory scalp was numb.

“Drive well.”

Freya didn’t know how to answer him, so she could only endure the shy warning.


After the car arrived at the airport parking lot.The two of them unfastened their seat belts and did not rush out of the car.

Freya’s beautiful teeth bit her lip, and just as she was plucking up the courage to say something, Ryan in the driver’s seat suddenly came over and kissed her lips without saying a word.

Different from the past, this kiss was warm and eager with deep regret.

Freya froze for a moment, realizing that when she was going abroad, she really ignored Ryan. Not long after the two met, she was about to leave for such a long time and she suddenly became a little worried about gains and losses. And the only thing she can do is to respond to him to make him feel at ease.

Freya wrapped around his neck and slowly responded to the airtight kiss.

The heavy breathing of the two gradually fermented.

She could also feel his hand restless for the first time.

Everyone was an adult man and woman, her body stiffened for a moment, and soon her face blushed as dripping water.

The temperature inside the car was also getting higher.

The last thing that broke the atmosphere was her mobile phone ringing.

Freya hurriedly took the opportunity to push him away, trying to find the phone but her mind was like a mess. she searched for a long time and couldn’t find it.

Ryan picked up the phone from the footpad and handed it to her.

Freya looked at the phone and at the same time she saw his dark and burning gaze. He had changed from his graceful and elegant appearance in the past. At this moment, his handsome face was dyed with crimson.

She was startled, quickly didn’t dare to look at him and answered the phone.

“Miss Freya, have you arrived? I’ve already arrived at the entrance.” The caller was another company colleague, Sylvie Zeller, who went to country F for training with her. Sylvie is four years older than her and used to be a biological Scientist, and later switched to the field of medical beauty. After Freycatheli was established, she was dug over with a lot of money.

Now in Freycatheli, she and Freya are the two most potential and talented people.

“I’m at the parking lot, I’ll be right here.”

After Freya hung up the phone, she realized that Ryan was sorting her messy clothes just now.

Thinking of his restless hand just now, her little face turned red again.

“They are all mothers. It stands to reason that you should have more experience than me, and you are so easy to blush.” Ryan said jokingly.

“Who’s blushing, is it because your car is hot?”

Freya retorted subconsciously, “Besides, I don’t think you have poor experience. Look at how skilled you are…”

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