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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2230 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2230

Ryan won’t hurt himself.

This is what Freya deeply realized.

Catherine: [you get ready and set off in three days. ]

Not long after, Ryan sent a dialogue script for breakfast in front of Heidi and his wife tomorrow.

After watching it, Freya replied: [I’m not a professional actress, so I’m a little unsure. What if the godfather and godmother find out. ]

Ryan: [I’m concise enough, your lines are few, most of them are played by me, I believed you can do it. ]


Ryan: [Didn’t you say that women are all showgirls?]

Freya: [Who did you listen to? I’ve never heard of it. ]

Ryan: [Wait and practice hard, if you don’t practice tomorrow, I will tell my parents that I like you, you want to go abroad for training, I want to focus on raising your baby for you. ]

Freya: [You won.]

She resignedly picked up the script and practiced it several times.

the next day, when eating breakfast in the lobby, Freya said to Heidi and Nathan: “Godfather and Godmother, it’s like this, I will help our company to grow in the future. The training places in the Medical Aesthetic Research Center are going to go for two months. I thought about it all night yesterday, and really want to go to Quel for training…”

Before she could finish, Heidi was already surprised: “Is that the world’s top luxury brand Quel?”


Freya nodded honestly, “I’m still too young, if you want to go a long way in the path of a formulator. A company wants to develop better cutting-edge products, it must go out and learn. The research institute on Quel brings together hundreds of top scientists from all over the world. Just learning a little from them can bring me great experience. It will Great help for me to regrow for our company.”

“This opportunity is really rare for me.”

Heidi nodded.

As Heidi is a career-oriented woman. She has a vision and has seen the world. So she doesn’t stop Freya, “Freya, you have made up your mind, go ahead. Dani is placed in the ministerial Palace and Aunty Loretta will take good care of it.”

Freya frowned and said worriedly, “Aunty Loretta promised me that would take good care of her, but… I’m still a little worried.

“After a pause, a sly smile suddenly appeared on Freya’s face and said to Ryan who was beside her, “Ryan, you are quite free at night now. If you have time, can you come back earlier and help me take a look?”

Ryan said quickly, “Occasionally you can take a look but you want me to take care of it for two months, forget it, I’m quite busy at night…”

“What are you busy with?” Nathan put down his chopsticks and said with a sullen face, “Don’t think I don’t know, you are here the grassroots do trivial things. After work, you are more free than anyone else. I think you are thinking about fooling around outside at night.”

Ryan’s face flashed a touch of irritability, “Dad…”

“Okay, your dad is right.” Heidi said hurriedly, “Instead of fooling around outside, it’s better to come back early to help Freya take care of the child, don’t you like Dani very much?”

“That’s right. Freya quickly echoed, “Look at you, practice more and when you know how cute the child is, maybe you want to be a father too.”

Heidi’s heart moved, as she was reminded, “That’s it. it’s decided that come back early to take care of Dani.”

“Ryan, I will thank you in advance.” Freya said with a smile.

Ryan looked aggrieved but he could only bow his head and eat breakfast in a depressing way.

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  1. why the story is focused on freya’s whereabouts, in detailed, compared to catherine & shaun.. its boring reading almost 500 chapters just all about freya & rodney.. then freya & ryan.. she’s not the main character… right?!

    i mostly skips those chapters

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