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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2228 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2228

It turns out that someone helped her hold up a blue sky like this.

It turned out that someone knew her and understood her so well.

At this stage, for Freya, romance has never been what she needs most, because she has a child who was just born without her father. Romance takes time, but she has to work again, and she wants to give more time to her children.

Ryan never blamed Freya, he cooperated as much as possible with her time, even the two of them were in the house with the child.

Freya knew that other people’s dates were not like this, but Ryan never complained. He was like a warm quilt, wrapping her comfortably and just right.

“Ryan, thank you so much.” Freya hugged him gently.

“Freya, Don’t say thank you, I’m your boyfriend, which supporting you and your vision.”

Ryan stroked her long hair with her fingers, “But when you come back, I will make it up.”


Freya blushed suddenly.

The compensation he said would not be that kind of compensation.

After all, everyone has been dating for a while.

This seems to be the best compensation for men.

If it were to be replaced by the previous her, she would definitely not be so fanciful. Now that Freya is a woman who has had children, it is naturally different from the past in some aspects.

Thinking of the two of them taking that step, her heart thumped violently, and her face became even hotter.

Fortunately, Ryan hugged her and didn’t see it.

“You… what compensation do you want?” Freya stammered, “I brought you gifts from abroad?”

Ryan let go of her with a meaningful smile flashed in his dark eyes, “Do you think… one gift can make up for me?”

“Then two, three… .” Freya deliberately pretended to be ignorant.

“I want…” Ryan stared at her and approached slowly.

Suddenly there was a sound of someone opening the door.

The two bodies next to each other separated instantly.

Aunty Loretta came in from the outside, and her eyes flashed with surprise, “Master Ryan, when did you come? I’ll bring you tea.”

It seems that the number of times the Ryan has come has been increasing recently.

“Aunty Loretta, the malt tea you brewed yesterday is not bad. It’s quite fragrant.” Ryan leaned closer to the sofa and spoke casually, Aunty Loretta winked at Freya.

Freya immediately complained loudly, “How much free do you have every day? you always run to me.”
“Why, I hate it.” Ryan said angrily, “You think I want to come here, there is no way, what can I do at night? The ministerial Palace is boring and I’m arguing with my parents when I go to the front yard. It’s boring.”

“You should be less noisy.”

When Aunty Loretta was making tea in the kitchen, she heard the outside only then did the thought that had just surfaced in his heart be thrown away.

She must have thought too much. In the entire ministerial palace, the young master and Miss Freya are of the same age, and they are bored at night. It is normal for two young people to play together.

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