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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2227 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2227

Freya glared at him helplessly. “I’m telling you that I have a place in my heart for you and Dani but there’s definitely no way… hmm.”

Ryan blocked her mouth with his lips, He also took a light bite, “Don’t say it, I don’t want to hear it.” Ryan’s voice was low with full of depression.

Freya blinked her dark eyes, and suddenly couldn’t bear to put a hand around her neck and kissed back, “I will also miss you, but we can make frequent phone calls and videos, and you can take care of it.Dani can’t help it, can you stop being jealous of a child.”

“Fool, I’m not jealous.” Ryan raised his lips and smiled vividly, “I am teasing you.”

“You… ….” Freya reached out and tried to pinch him.

However, Ryan quickly grabbed her hand and put it on his lips and kissed gently, “I just ask you, do you want to go?”

“Of course I want to go.” Freya said complicatedly, “Actually, I have been in the laboratory every day recently, but the new products have not progressed at all and knowledge is too little. Good formulators need to go out for internships often, and I…”

“Then you Go.” Ryan interrupted her with bright eyes, “Leave Dani to me. Although Dani’s mother is not here, I will give her all the love of my father. It will not make her uneasy, but will make her happy and healthy.”

Freya was stunned.

Ryan had said a lot of nice things, but it was only tonight that made her eyes wet.

At that time for Freya, nothing is more important than the child’s health and happiness. Ryan knows what she is afraid of, so let her go and the child will take care of him.

But in fact the child is not his own.

“Ryan, Dani she…”

“Although Dani is not my own, she is the child of the woman Which I love most.” Ryan lowered his head and lightly tapped Dani’s little nose.

Ryan also said to Freya, “Freya, whether you want to marry me or not in the future, I don’t care, even you are just in love with me, but from the moment I love you, you treat your child as my child, not wanting to use Dani to please you, but I will love not only your children, but also your family.”

Freya’s heart trembled fiercely.

It turned out that Ryan knew everything.

Freya promised to fall in love with Ryan, but she didn’t think about the future, as long as she was happy at this time.

But Ryan didn’t think so. He wanted to tell her that he was serious.

“Ryan, you are really annoying.”

Freya’s eyes were full of red, “Why do you always say so beautifully, have you ever thought about it, in case you don’t do it…”

” I will do it.” Ryan interrupted her, “Freya, I care about you more than you think.”

Her throat seemed to be stuck, and she didn’t even dare to look at Ryan’s bright eyes. she was very afraid, and would indulge in a relationship as easily as before.

Ryan stared at her for a few seconds, then tilted her head and kissed her.

The moment her lips touched, she had to look at him, her heart pounded. She closed her eyes tremblingly and entangled with him.

After a while, Dani in her arms was shouting.

Freya blushed and quickly pushed him away, “Can you stop kissing me in front of Dani all the time.”

“No way, who made me fall in love with a mother.” Ryan joked, “Freya, go Well, Dani is placed in the ministerial Palace. Even aunts and uncles occasionally bring Dani to Snow’s villa to play, I promise to help you bring them back, and I will never let them take the opportunity to leave Dani there.”

Freya was surprised that what she was worried about. She didn’t say it but she thought, “Ryan…how do you know everything?”

“Because, I’m so smart.” Ryan said with a smile,

” Go, I promise you with my personality and life.”

Facing in front of Ryan, Freya found that he seemed to be able to easily resolve all his worries.

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    1. OatsObsessedIntrovert

      Although its boring, I think it is what Freya needs right now considering all the things that she have gone through the past. She’s a third wheel in her first relationship. Then in the second she got forced and when she finally gave her heart it was trampled again. And considering that her husband even trusted that btch who made her life miserable than her is just infuriating. Hopefully she really finds happiness this time around.

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