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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2225 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2225

Catherine was stunned. In fact, Eliza sent her a Whatsapp message last night, and she almost expected Rodney to come over, but she heard Eliza say that Rodney was scolded by Chester last night However, I should ask Freya to apologize first in this morning.

After all, he kicked and hurt someone, and was really cheating, so Rodney should have regretted it a bit.

But unexpectedly, Freya was so angry.

Well, Rodney was already a deeply hopeless mentally retarded patient.

Of course, there was another possibility, that after Rodney returned last night, Sarah took eye drops again.

Sure enough, then you can’t even think about looking at your opponent.

“Okay, don’t be angry, I asked Eliza to tell him the truth.” Catherine patted her head gently.

“Ah?” Freya widened her pupils in shock, “Cathy, what do you want to do?”

“One of my plans, don’t worry, it’s useless for Rodney to know about Eliza, the evidence has been wiped out. It’s clean.” Catherine explained, “But I thought he would come to apologize to you today.”

“Apologize?” Freya pulled off her collar with a wry smile, “Look, he grabbed my shoulder. It’s red, he definitely didn’t come to apologize, he’s just trying to trouble me for Sarah.”

Catherine glanced at Freya, she had nothing to say, her eyes turned slightly, but it landed on her fingernails, “Newly made nails? It ‘s beautiful.”

“After dinner with Ryan yesterday, I saw someone doing manicures, so I made one.” Freya shook her head, “How about it, look good.”

“I don’t think it’s important to look good. It’s enough if someone thinks it looks good.” Catherine glanced at her earlobe with a smile, “The earrings are also pretty, Ryan gave them?”

“Yeah, when Rodney got married last time, he saw that I was in a bad mood, he went shopping with me, and bought me this pair of earrings.” Freya talked about her new relationship, and her mood finally improved. “Before I was pregnant and after giving birth, I didn’t dress up very much. Now I think, what if I have a child, I have to live beautifully.”

“Yes, you have a lot of energy after falling in love. Sure enough, women still want to In love.”

Catherine was really happy for her, “The earrings were beautiful and the nails ere beautiful, it seems that you were quite satisfied with your new relationship.”

“There was nothing wrong at the moment,” as thinking of something, Freya suddenly frowned in disgust, “I used to think Rodney was pretty good-looking, but today I see him, vicissitudes and decadence, and he didn’t have the temperament he used to have at all. Thinking about Ryan’s good-looking face, divorce seems to be a good thing. When Rodney and I are not like you and Shaun, we have such a deep relationship, we don’t have to look back.”

Catherine smiled and nodded.

She found that Freya really thought about it.

“By the way, there is news to let you know.” Catherine handed her a document, “I have reached a cooperation agreement with the Quel beauty brand in country F, and they agreed that our company will send two formulators to Quel in country F. Would you like to go to the two-month training at the Institute of Medical Aesthetics, if you don’t want to go, I can only send the rest of the team.”


Freya was shocked, Catherine had worked abroad before, Of course, it is clear that Quel Corporation is the world’s top luxury brand. The fields involved are not only beauty and skin care, but also perfume and lipstick. There are even more than 300 of the world’s top biological and dermatological experts.

As for Freya, Catherine has won the Global Newcomer Award, she is always a newcomer in the circle, and she is still very different from those seniors.

“My God, how did you win it?” Freya said incredulously, “A global company like Quel would cooperate with a small company like us?”

“Of course it’s impossible for our company, but… Sheryl helped her out. She agreed to a request from the boss of Quel, and let us replace two R&D personnel to study.”

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