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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2222 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2222

“Charity is your brother, can’t you be better than a woman?” Sarah bit her lip in disbelief, “If Eliza always wants to be extrajudicial, she has Chester with her back, and there is another Freya helped, maybe she will find ways to deal with me, Rodney, I’m so afraid.”

Rodney opened his mouth with difficulty, and finally whispered: “She dares not, and I will not let her hurt.”

Sarah threw herself into his arms and burst into tears, “Rodney, I hate it so much, this world is unreasonable, people who hurt me can’t be punished, Freya can hate me and kill me. Abandon me, why are you covering up the murderer?”

Rodney was startled, then fell silent.

Yes, he just thought that Freya didn’t kidnap Sarah, but he forgot that she helped the murderer.

Eliza’s breaking the law, and even her behavior can be called vicious. If the murderer is not severely punished, it may become more severe in the future.

the next morning.

Rodney went to Freycatheli Company early, and he waited in the parking lot for nearly an hour before seeing Freya’s car drive in.

Soon, Freya came out carrying her bag, wearing a pair of retro jeans, showing off her slender long legs and buttocks curves, a light-colored shirt and a cashmere vest on her upper body, and her long curly hair neat and neat. Her head was shaped like a ball, with diamond-encrusted pearl earrings hanging from her ears, and her whole body exuded the breath of youth and sunshine, and she couldn’t look like a woman who had given birth to a child.

Rodney was stunned for a while. The last time he saw Freya was years ago. She was wearing a heavy down jacket. Now that spring is here, her whole body seems to be glowing with radiant vitality.

Faintly, Rodney felt that the aura on Freya’s body was not the same as before. Now she is more bright and radiant.

After being in a trance for a moment, seeing that Freya was about to enter the building, Rodney quickly got out of the car and rushed over, “Freya…”

Hearing the familiar voice, Freya subconsciously wanted to speed up the pace, but she didn’t want to pay attention to Rodney at first, but thinking that he had come here to block people, he would probably catch up.

Freya stoped, turned around, and frowned when she saw Rodney’s unshaved face.

Freya remembered that Rodney used to be more delicate and good-looking at the age of 30. Now she don’t know if Rodney and Sarah got worse. The company has too many troubles, and it doesn’t take care of it as much as it used to. There are even wrinkles on the clothes, heavy eye bags, and the hair is too long. It looks like he is older than his real age.

When she liked Rodney before, a large part of the reason was also because of his appearance.

Men love beautiful women, and women are no exception.

In addition, Freya had just separated from Ryan in the morning, and after Ryan’s clean and handsome face flashed in her mind, for the first time, a thought of disgusting Rodney’s appearance arose in her heart.

“Is something wrong?” Freya asked calmly.

Rodney looked at Freya’s young and beautiful face, her chest slammed hard, and said hoarsely: “Of course there is something, why did you ask Ryan to answer my call last night, did he block me, I belong to Dani Father, why did he block me on his own initiative?”

“I blocked you.” Freya said lightly, “So late, a married man keeps calling me, I need To avoid suspicion, Ryan also told you that if you want Dani to go to the ministerial Palace, I don’t think it is necessary for us to always keep in touch.”

Rodney blurted out embarrassedly: “Since you know that you want to avoid suspicion with me at night, Why don’t you know how to avoid suspicion with Ryan, you are so late, you are still alone, do you have any sense of shame?”

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