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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2220 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2220

… On the other side, Rodney called many times, he couldn’t get through to Freya’s phone again, only to know that the other side had blocked him.

D*mn Ryan, he must have done it.

Rodney slammed his fist on the steering wheel. Now everyone in the family was saying that Ryan liked Freya, but he didn’t believe it at all. That guy Ryan was very cunning, maybe he was brewing some kind of conspiracy to get Freya.

He shouldn’t be divorced But it’s too late to say anything now. A feeling of collapse lingered in his heart, but it seemed that there was no way to vent.

At 12 a.m, Rodney returned to the house full of drunkenness.

As soon as Rodney entered the door, he saw Sarah looking at him with tears in her wheelchair, “Why didn’t you answer my phone, I called you more than ten times, did you deliberately not want to answer me?”

No, I just drank too much at a party outside, and slept in the car for a while, but I didn’t hear it.” Rodney rubbed his colic temple, very tired and didn’t have the strength to coax her.

“Drink too much, didn’t you know that the driver took you back. Rodney, after we got married, you went home every day late, avoiding my touch, you disliked me not being able to walk, and disgusting me not being able to have children right? No, you regret it, right?”

When Sarah looked at Rodney in front of her, the buttons of his shirt were open lazily and walked staggeringly. his face flushed, and dejected look instantly stimulated her.

If it was before, Sarah could still control it, but during this period of time, her body could not get his comfort at night, and during the day she was alone in a luxurious but temperatureless mansion. Even if she wanted to go out, her legs and feet were inconvenient. When she goes to the street, she has to endure other people’s strange eyes.

Where has Sarah, who was once admired by many stars, ever tasted this kind of taste.

Sarah waited and waited, and finally when Rodney came back, her anger finally broke out.

Rodney ignored Sarah and went straight upstairs.

“You talk.” Sarah grabbed his sleeve and said furiously, “You don’t even want to talk to me now, or are you thinking about Freya, you are a healthy person who misses her. Don’t forget the people who made me like this, and killed our children.”

“Have you said enough?”

Rodney suddenly out of control and shouted loudly.

The room suddenly fell silent, and Sarah looked at him dully, unable to believe that Rodney would yell at him like that.

A few seconds later, Sarah burst into tears, “You yell at me, Rodney, you yelled at me just a few days after we got married. What’s the point of my life, you might as well let me die.”

To hit the wall.

Rodney was tired and weak, but she still stepped forward and grabbed the wheelchair.

“Let go, I don’t want to live anymore, it’s too boring to live.” Sarah hammered him hard.

Rodney didn’t move until she was tired of hammering and burst into tears.

Sarah thought that Rodney would coax her as before, but she cried until her throat became uncomfortable, and Rodney didn’t say a word.

Gradually, Sarah stopped and looked at Rodney sadly, “Rodney, you know what, I have only you now, I have nothing, I can’t be a mother, I can’t walk, I can’t even eat by myself and Pick up vegetables.”

Rodney looked down at her hand, and suddenly asked, “Sarah, did Freya really break your limbs on the day you were kidnapped?

“Who was it?” Sarah cried and said after being stunned for a while.

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