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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2218 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2218

“Chester was laughing at himself being fascinated by Eliza.”

Chester pulled Eliza into his arms, his handsome face smiled slightly, charmingly messed up, “Look at me Eliza, For you, I gave no face to Rodney at all. At that time, Chester was forgotten brotherhood of more than ten years .”

“Master jewell, you are too flattering for me.” Eliza lowered her head and said lightly, “You don’t want to have too much contact with Rodney. I’m already very tired. If you only have quarrels and no pleasure with your friends, it’s not much fun.”

“Are you so unconfident in yourself?” Chester’s thin lips were on hers, and his tone was so gentle that he could drown.

Most people can’t resist Chester like this, but Eliza knows him too well.

“Yes, I don’t have confidence in myself.” Eliza smiled.

“It’s okay, I’ll give you confidence.”

Chester deepened the kiss.

downstairs car park.

Rodney sat in the car without moving.

In the passenger seat, Rodney’s cell phone kept ringing, it was Sarah calling.

Rodney didn’t want to take it. He huddled up like a child.

Rodney as a handsome guy was 30 years old and has a happy family, obviously he has a wife, but he seems to have nothing.

Chester accused him of only blaming all his faults on others. Yes, isn’t he such a person? Before, he blamed Freya for being vicious and knowing the truth, and blamed Freya and Chester for helping Eliza deceived him, but forgot that he didn’t trust Freya at all.

As long as Rodney investigates a little, he will know the truth.

But Rodney didn’t do anything. He wants to kick Freya to the ground, kick her hard to broke her ribs, and sent her to the hospital.

Rodney called her a poisonous woman, also called the most vicious woman in the world.

Rodney also said that what he regretted most was marrying Freya.

Recalling all that, Rodney shed tears in pain. He is scum, he is also hypocritical and not magnanimous.

Rodney had always thought that Chester was a fussy person, but now the person who was fussy laughed at him for still setting up a memorial archway.

That was right, Rodney didn’t think that he was a sc*mbag. He went to Sarah’s bed and let Sarah be pregnant with a child. He also swore in front of his family that he and Sarah were innocent, and also in front of Freya. Guaranteed to only like her alone.

The results of it.

Rodney left Freya with scars and married Sarah and gave her the best wedding, slapped Freya’s face fiercely, and stepped on her dignity under his feet.

Rodney suddenly found Freya and dialed it.

However, Rodney didn’t hear Freya’s voice as he wished. It was from Ryan, “Brother Rodney, is there anything?”

“Ryan, why are you, you’re still with Freya?” Rodney’s heart seemed to be eaten. Painfully tightened.

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  1. I really dont know the details but Rodney youre a scum. Freya had a hard time with you, she had a hard time trusting because of her past relationships but still chose to trust you and now this is what you give her back? what the actual fuck? this novel is too problematic for me, I’m glad it one day on this, not more. Dang

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