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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2217 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2217

Rodney hadn’t thought about it before, he only thought of hating Freya because Freya made Sarah lose her qualifications to be a mother.

At this time, Rodney realized with hindsight that if Sarah give birth to that child, he will tremble in his heart, and he wouldn’t know whether to be more happy or sad.

“What else do you want to say it all.”

He looked at Chester almost numbly.

Chester leaned back slightly, with a smile on his lips, but what he said was extremely sharp, “You came to me today, you are very angry, not only because of being deceived, but also because your life is not going well. If you don’t like it, the more you will miss the previous life. At that time, your parents were very close to you. When you came home, you had a lovely wife and children. Now, what is there? A woman who holds a grand wedding? Or a woman who always asks you for money and financial power, or a woman who comes back late and suspects you are cheating outside?”

Rodney was stunned.

If Rodney hadn’t contacted Chester for a long time, he would have wondered if he was complaining about Chester’s troubles every day as before.

“Are you curious why I understand?”

Chester raised her phoenix eyes slightly, “You can tell by the look on your face, Rodney, go back, if you want to fight, I will accompany you, but there is no result, I will do it.

I don’t regret what happened and believe Freya will not regret helping Eliza to take the blame. At that time, you refused to divorce, she spent it with you, and she was disgusted by you and Sarah. I wish we had ended the relationship with you sooner.”

“It’s one thing for us to divorce, but it’s another thing for Eliza to kidnap Sarah.”

Rodney slowly looked at Chester, and the whole body slowly returned to calm. “Since Eliza committed a crime, I will let her go to jail.”

“Do you have any evidence?” Chester half-smiled.

Rodney was shocked, he knew Chester too well, and then he understood everything.

After so long, all the evidence that should be there has probably been cleared by Chester.

“Chester, is a woman so important?” Rodney looked at him blankly.

“For my health, Eliza is still relatively important. From the perspective of our company’s interests, Eliza is a popular artist in our company, and can earn more than one billion dollar a year. Sarah abandons her.”

Chester suddenly stood up straight, and pushed his slender hand towards Rodney.

Rodney stumbled out of the threshold.

“Rodney, our relationship has long since ceased to exist. Next time you come to my door to make a fuss, I will intuitively choose to call the police. Also, if you want to trouble me, you can let it go. Now I didn’t take it seriously, don’t be angry, it’s you who made everyone’s relationship like this for Sarah, I’m not your parents, you have to endure if you don’t like it.”

Chester closed the door after finishing speaking.

At Upstairs, Eliza came down in a black nightdress. The clothes were all bought by Chester, so this one was not so exposed, but Eliza’s thin collarbone of b**bs was exposed, like two beautiful crescent moons, with red hickeys on their skin, matched with her small face, pure and attractive.

Chester glanced at it, and Rodney’s last question suddenly flashed in his mind: is a woman so important.

Chester laughed suddenly. It’s really important right now. At least, he thought the deal was worth it. Sometimes, he also admits that he is cold-blooded.

With more than ten years of friendship with Rodney, even there is something wrong with Rodney, he will give up if Chester says to give up.

“Why are you laughing?”
Eliza looked at Chester strangely. She had heard the conversation between Chester and Rodney when she was upstairs.

Although Eliza hated Chester very much, the words he just said were quite heartwarming.

Isn’t Rodney that kind of person?

In the marriage, Rodney made so many mistakes, but blamed Freya.

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  1. Dang.. I think I just wasted my whole day for this. I was only at chapter 109 but I skipped to where Rodney was treating Freya good. Now I skipped the latest chaps to find out Ryan and Freya are in a relationship and Sarah and Rodney are married? wth? I feel like this story is really dragging and the character developments happened took too long to happen with a lot of incidents. I saw this on fb first and was quite intrigued. If you think its still worth the read, tell me why and I might read it again

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