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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2210 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2210

After taking a seat, behind a screen suddenly came the voice of two little stars talking.

“The man in the blue suit just now is so beautiful, he looks better than the male stars in the entertainment industry. I think his clothes are very luxurious. I don’t know which rich businessman he is?” “Oh, you entered the circle late, Probably not sure, he is Rodney.”

“The surname is Snow, maybe it’s the Snow family…”

“Shh, be quiet, it’s him, but don’t expect to climb on him, He has been given up by the Snow family, and his inheritance qualifications have been deprived.”

“Even if Rodney is deprived of his inheritance qualifications, he is still a member of the Snow family, and a little bit of meat from their hands will be enough for us to eat for a lifetime. To be the gold owner, you can rely on the connections and resources behind you.”

“Oh, you think so well, even if you are looking for a gold owner, you have to find someone with a bit of human touch. He really doesn’t have one, and he’s a sc*mbag. As soon as his wife gave birth to her child, he cheated on the outside, and even divorced his ex-wife for the sake of the mistress, and asked her wife to leave the house, so that’s fine.

After the divorce, he gave the mistress a prosperous wedding. People from the outside say that he loves that mistress to the death, and the two have been entangled with each other for more than ten years, and outsiders are all cannon fodder when they enter.”

“Well, this kind of man treats his wife like this, so I guess he will be used as a substitute. The gold master, I won’t get any money, forget it.”


Rodney chuckled and took a sip from the wine glass.

Unexpectedly, even those little stars in the entertainment industry who are bent on gaining money are now looking down on Rodney.

Rodney is too ruthless and unjust, he is not qualified to be the gold master.

Oh, when did he actually fall to this point.

“Young Master Snow, long time no see, why are you hiding here and drinking alone?”

As the elegant voice came over, that was Eliza, wearing a black tube top dress to reveal her slender figure, the side slit skirt was designed with drapey crystal tassels. people.

Rodney raised his head and looked at her indifferently, “Is something wrong?”

“Young Master Snow was very indifferent.” Eliza chuckled indifferently, “Could it be that after getting married, the newlywed wife was strictly controlled by the newlywed wife, and she was with many women outside. Didn’t dare to talk for a few words?”

“Eliza, you didn’t want to chat with me, you wanted to scold me for Freya’s sake.” Rodney stood up, picked up the phone and put it in his pocket, “I’m sorry, recently I’ve been scolded a lot, I don’t want to listen anymore.”

“Young Master Snow, you misunderstood me, I really am not, I just want to tell you something about Freya.”

Eliza held a glass of untouched red wine on the table, shook it.

Rodney was stunned, and his legs paused uncontrollably, “What happened to her?”

Could it be that Freya was sad because of Rodney recent wedding?

At that moment, Rodney had a lot of thoughts flashing through his mind.

Up to now, what can Rodney do when she is sad?

If it wasn’t for the wrong things she did before, why would the two of them get to where they are today.

Rodney actually had a very unhappy day.

Eliza took a sip of red wine and said slowly, “Freya’s fine, but there is one thing you may have never known about. Actually, it wasn’t Freya who kidnapped Sarah, it was me.

“Looking back, “Eliza, What did you say?”

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