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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2209 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2209

Sarah was so depressed but she still had a smile on her face, “It doesn’t matter, you can earn more money if you are gone, I hope your ability, but I think you still put that one hundred million in my hands. Well, I’m afraid that if you take out the money you have, it will be difficult for us to maintain our life in the future.

Rodney, tell the truth, I want to go to a foreign doctor to see a doctor. I still want to. I have a child with you.”

Sarah said her eyes were red, “I want to be a mother.”

Rodney frowned silently, hesitating for a moment, he thought that if it wasn’t for Freya, she would not lose the qualification to be a mother. and finally gave her the other card, “Go and cure it.”

“Rodney, I will definitely be able to cure it, right? We will have a child, right?” Sarah suddenly pounced on his arms.

Sarah legs were inconvenient, so Rodney could only hold her.

Sarah cried for a while, then suddenly kissed him on the chin, “Rodney, tonight is our wedding night, you never wanted to touch me, I know I’m scary looking like that, but now my face is better. , do you think I’m good-looking?”

Sarah looked at Rodney affectionately.

Rodney just nodded when her kiss fell, and she took the initiative to unbutton his clothes.

Rodney wasn’t really interested at all, but he also understood that if he didn’t touch her tonight, Sarah might cry in grief. Rodney basically knew what she would say.

Rodney didn’t want to listen any more, he just deal with it perfunctorily, but his body didn’t live up to it, and he even resisted a little bit. No matter how hard Sarah racked his brains, he couldn’t react.

“Rodney, have you always despised me in your heart?” Sarah burst into tears.

“It’s not like this, I’m just too tired recently.” Rodney was weak and perfunctory, “Also…and I have a physical condition in the first place, it was the same with Freya before, you too I know, Freya and I were conceived because of your brother’s design. Later, she became pregnant, and we always slept in separate rooms.”

Sarah was stunned, not quite convinced, “Then you weren’t before. It’s like this.”

“Did you say that you were pregnant, I was drunk, and didn’t remember at all.” Rodney explained tiredly.

Sarah remembered that last time, she also worked hard for a long time to make him respond.

Could it be that Rodney really has a problem?

Thinking of this, Sarah’s whole body is not well. She has experienced many men, and at this age, she has been lonely for too long when she is most in need.

“Then… why don’t you go have a drink?”

“Another day. Okay, I’m really tired today.” Rodney flickered and hid in the bathroom.

Sarah angrily smashed the pillow on the ground.

If I had known, it would be better not to go back to the country and just find a man abroad. It would be better than finding Rodney, a waste with no money and no use.

It’s a pity that her legs are now inconvenient.


The trash Rodney has been making excuses for several days to go back late in order to avoid Sarah since their wedding.

There was an invitation for dinner that night. Rodney actually didn’t need to go, but he didn’t want to go back to face Sarah, so he went anyway.

If it was changed to the past, when he walked in, a lot of people would come to take the initiative to approach him, but it is not what it used to be. When everyone saw him coming, it was only polite, and they went to find more capable business leaders, even those little stars don’t come too close.

After Rodney greeted the host of the banquet, he walked to the sofa in the corner.

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