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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2208 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2208

Up to now, Rodney seems to feel that he is dreaming, and he has been trapped in a dream and has never woken up.

“Now, ask the groom to kiss the bride.” The master of ceremonies suddenly said.

Rodney slowly turned to Sarah senses and lifted the bride’s veil. The woman who appeared in front of her had fair skin and a beautiful face, but when he looked closely, when Sarah smiled, her face was still a little stiff.

This was a face that had undergone plastic surgery, and it was almost done successfully. The scars on Sarah’s face were gone, and even this face was even more beautiful than before, but Rodney felt it was unfamiliar.

It was so unfamiliar that Rodney couldn’t kiss her at all.

Seeing that Rodney didn’t understand for a long time, the smile on Sarah’s face gradually froze, she reminded in a low voice, “Rodney…”

The emcee joked: “Our groom was stunned when he saw that the bride was so beautiful.”

There was a burst of laughter from the audience.

Rodney closed his eyes and kissed her fatefully.

On the wedding night, the villa butler delivered the ordered favors and gift brochures to Sarah.

After Sarah glanced at it, she was very dissatisfied, “Why is there so much, the biggest favor is only 20,000 dollar, Rodney, I remember that you used to give your friends hundreds of thousands of wedding red envelopes. You used to be too old. Look at how stingy they are here.”

Rodney thought to himself that none of those friends came here before, and where did the red envelopes come from, but he didn’t explain, just smoked silently, he didn’t like smoking before, but I’ve been obsessed with this lately.

It seems that only when he smokes can make him less irritable.

“In the past, you took brotherhood too seriously.” Sarah sighed, “But today is different, you are no longer the person in charge of the Snow family, and you definitely don’t have that much money in your hand, and the two of us have a small family. If you have expenses, let’s do this, I will take care of the family’s expenses in the future, and I will handle all the relationships, so you can work hard outside, okay?”

Rodney looked at her silently.

Rodney wasn’t so stupid that he couldn’t understand what Sarah meant.

This was asking him for financial power.

It didn’t matter if he handed it over before, but for this wedding, Sarah had to use everything well, which made him wonder if she would be extravagant.

To be honest, Rodney is now short of funds, and he is not able to spend as much as he used to.

Rodney couldn’t help but think of Freya again, she was better than Sarah in terms of family conditions and ability to earn money, but she had never been extravagant. Even expensive things were given by him, and even later When it comes to weddings, she doesn’t like to be too extravagant.

Rodney didn’t know why thought of his ex-wife today, maybe it was because the recent cohabitation with Sarah was too depressing.

“If you don’t want to, forget it.” Seeing that Rodney didn’t speak, Sarah bit her lip aggrieved, “I’m just afraid that you’re too tired, and I’ve known you for so long, and I know you’re really not good at managing money, are you? I’m afraid I’ll ask for your money.”

“I don’t have it.”

Rodney got up and took out a card for her, “There are ten million here, which is enough for the daily expenses of the family. If you don’t have it, ask me again.”

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