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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2206 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2206

“Don’t say it, I seem to have agreed to your marriage proposal. You are only still in the internship period, and your boyfriend has not turned positive.”

Freya hummed.

“Okay, I’ll do it well. Would you like to see a movie on tomorrow night?”

“Alright,” Freya agreed without thinking.

It happened to be Rodney’s wedding tomorrow, and she might become more and more angry when she thought about it alone. At this time, with her boyfriend to accompany and coax her, she would not be in such a bad mood.

the next day.

A seven-star hotel, a grand wedding is about to take place.

In the ministerial palace on the 22nd floor, Sarah was wearing a wedding dress studded with gorgeous diamonds. Several makeup artists complimented Sarah with admiration when they touched up her makeup.

“Miss Sarah, your facial features are really delicate. It’s the first time I’ve done makeup for a bride so easily.”

“Miss Sarah, your wedding dress is so beautiful. I heard that Young Master Snow invited top foreign wedding designers to customize it for you. Yes, there are diamonds on it, Young Master Snow is so kind to you.”

“Oh, what is the name of Miss Sarah, it should be called Young Master Snow.”

“Young Master, your diamond ring is so big, it’s like a pigeon’s egg. , I’m so envious.”


Rodney stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, listening to the crowd of people behind him, he felt irritable as if a big rock was pressed on his chest.

What is so easy and simple to apply makeup to a bride for the first time.

It started at five in the morning and is still retouching makeup, is it simple?

As for Young Master Snow….

Obviously, this title belonged to another person not long ago.

He didn’t want to hear someone call Sarah like that at all.

“Rodney, are your parents here?” Sarah suddenly asked him.

Rodney’s handsome face froze. He turned to the makeup artists and said, “You guys go out and wait.”

When there were only two people left in the room, he said, “My parents are not free today and won’t come.”

“What do you mean, you are their son, you are getting married today.” Sarah became excited, “If they don’t come today, our wedding will be laughed at.”

“No, today’s wedding is like this. Others will only envy you.” Rodney comforted in a low voice.

“Okay, even if your parents don’t come, there are so many relatives in the Snow family who will come.” Sarah said after taking the next step.

“Sarah, the wedding is just about the two of us…” Rodney didn’t want to lie to her.

“Then you mean that no one of your Snow family will come today?” Sarah’s whole body was not well, “What do they mean, do they think that I am a cripple, so I will make your Snow family ashamed like this? “

No, don’t think like that…”

“Those people will definitely laugh at me behind my back.” Sarah interrupted him in annoyance.

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