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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2205 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2205

Freya almost wanted to say that Ryan was bragging, but seeing his determined eyes and thinking of his past style, she couldn’t help asking: “Why?”

“Ryan’s dad may never realize that Ryan is a most strong guy and he helped his dad in too many things and handled so many critical situations on weekdays. if Ryan’s dad cuts him off, later he will struggle more.”

Ryan thought and smiled nonchalantly.

“Mr. Nathan didn’t know at all, Ryan, you have been helping him behind his back all these years. No matter how many things he had dealt with some people, you will only realize their importance after you leave your father.”

Freya pouted, “Well, it turns out that you have already controlled everything, I thought you really did it for me. You can give up the power and position, it makes me feel moved.”

The warm Sun shine of the morning fell on Freya’s pink face and tomato-colored red lips, and a pair of beautiful eyes showed a strange and charming look.

Ryan clenched the fists beside her and almost couldn’t control the kiss.

What a goblin, dressed up so beautifully early in the morning.

“Freya, what I told you yesterday night that was the truth, but also told you that since decided to pursue you, I have already made all the preparations… but don’t want it to happen when I want to be with you in the future.

Someone can easily stop and force me, I don’t want to be the sister Jessica, I have to make my own decisions about my love, understand.”

Ryan looked at Freya against the sun, her beautiful face was obviously very young, and said the words made her feel at ease.

“Okay, I get it, get in the car.”

Freya opened the door and got into his car.

Both Freya and Ryan left the ministerial palace one after another.

Soon, the news spread at the ministerial palace that Ryan was downgraded made the news.

After Nathan ascended to the palace, the media scoured the identity of the son of the prime minister, the upstart. In the eyes of Australian people, Ryan was handsome and capable, and he may even become the youngest prime minister in the future.

Now that Ryan was beaten of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the media began to speculate that Ryan did something wrong during the New Year, and was severely reprimanded by the prime minister.

The media made up the story, and there was a lot of ridicule on the Internet.

Freya complained to Ryan after reading it: “These media were really making up shit, as if they stay under the prime minister’s desk and know everything.”

“The media didn’t always do this.”

Ryan, the party involved was quite indifferent, “Don’t worry. Well, everyone won’t discuss me tomorrow, and the other Snow family is worth discussing.”

Freya was stunned, she knew he was talking about Rodney.

Rodney’s wedding with Sarah is going to be held tomorrow. It is said that Rodney used a helicopter to greet the relatives. The wedding cost 50 million dollar, and they even booked the wedding at the only seven-star hotel in Australia. The media also revealed that Rodney gave diamond rings and jewelry worth tens of millions, and the betrothal gifts were even more expensive.

The more gorgeous and sensational the wedding was, the more ridiculous Freya’s ex-wife made it.

Originally, Freya really didn’t want to care, but Rodney really went too far, as if she was slapped in the face.

“Freya, no one from the Snow family will be there tomorrow, that wedding will be a joke, stop thinking about it.” Ryan comforted her softly.

“I know, but I’m still quite angry. Rodney literally stomped my face on the ground.” Freya complained angrily.

“Brother Rodney himself probably didn’t want to hold such a big wedding.” Ryan said, “After leaving the Snow Corporation, Osher Corporation’s position was also in jeopardy. Brother Rodney probably doesn’t have a lot of liquidity in his hands. It must be Sarah shouting. I want to do it.”

“Oh, Sarah just wants to make me jealous and slap me in the face.” Freya really hates Rodney now, so it’s okay to cheat, and she can still be as high-profile. Marriage is also unprecedented.

“Okay, don’t think about it. When we get married, I will also give you a grand wedding, which will make you beautiful.” Ryan smiled and comforted.

“Who’s going to marry you.” Freya snarled, “Besides, I’m not such a vain Woman. In my opinion, the wedding should not be too big, as long as it is romantic and happy, the form is enough.

” Well, I remember it.”

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  1. It’s not even funny, this type of English writing is frustrating. The story is not making sense. When are we going to get properly translated chapters. Please avoid using google translate and just give us chapters that are translated into readable English

  2. On one hand I appreciate the fact that so many chapters are available to read vs the app I was using, but on the other hand the translation on this site is so bad that it’s making my brain hurt trying to get the story straight.
    Can you please get someone to translate this story properly? I should be enjoying the story, not getting frustrated a how terrible the sentences are constructed. 🤨

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