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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2203 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2203

Freya: [Your mother didn’t say anything about you. ]

Ryan: [It wasn’t what you told me before, I didn’t listen. ]

Freya: [who made you fall in love with me?]

Ryan: [No way, someone is charming, beautiful, sexy, cute, sweet and capable…]

Freya almost laughed out loud: [You praise, why don’t you continue to praise, I still Didn’t hear enough. ]

Ryan: [Er…, I can’t praise it anymore, it would be too false to praise it any more. ]

Freya: [Hmph, angry, so I only have this advantage? ]

Ryan immediately threw over an emoji that knelt down and begged his wife for forgiveness.

Freya burst out laughing, but sent a very angry emoji: [Who is your wife? ]

Ryan: [Okay, baby, in order not to make you angry, I decided to sell my beauty late at night. ]

Freya: [? ? ? ]

Her heart was beating wildly, what does it mean to betray beauty in the middle of the night?

Just thinking about it, Ryan sent another selfie over. Inside, he was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the cloakroom, wearing only a pair of thin gray pajamas, shirtless on top, and the light above his head fell on the neatly arranged On the abdominal muscles, the downward mermaid line disappears on the edge of the pajama pants, which makes people imagine.

In the night, Freya looked at the photos on her phone, and a surge of vigor and blood rushed to the top of her head.

This is so lively.

Although once when Freya went to look for him in the morning, accidentally saw him shirtless last time, but at that time she just glanced at it quickly, unlike now she can stare at photos recklessly and study his figure carefully. She remembered that he didn’t seem to have so many abdominal muscles last time, so he might have been secretly practicing recently.

Sure enough, Ryan is a scheming man, too scheming.

Freya covetously studied Ryan’s figure for a while, and then typed and replied very shyly: stinky r*scal, you are so embarrassed, what pants are you wearing?

It’s just that after writing it, she doesn’t feel quite right, as if she’s hinting at something with a bit of aggressiveness.

Just as Freya was about to delete it, Dani who was sleeping beside her suddenly snorted and opened her eyes and crying.

She hurriedly threw her phone on the quilt, bent down in a hurry, and patted Dani’s chest lightly.

Dani hummed and cried for a while, and then fell asleep again after five or six minutes of tossing.

She picked up the phone, and was shocked to find that the Whatsapp message just now seemed to have hit the quilt and was sent out inadvertently.

Two minutes ago, Ryan sent a Whatsapp message: [What does “blush” mean, do you want me to take pictures without pants? ]

A minute ago, Ryan: [Cough, I can’t do it a bit, but I will try my best. ]


Freya’s brain seemed to be struck by lightning.

God, please strike a thunderbolt and let her die.

Or talk about the next piece of tofu and see if you can kill yourself.

She quickly replied: No, you misunderstood, Dani woke up just now, I’m going to coax her….

Before it was finished, a photo over there was already sent.

She shivered and clicked, downloaded the full image, and almost bleed from her nose.

Ryan inside was only wearing a pair of men’s boxer pants. The gray pajama pants just now were gone, and his two slender legs were straight in the air.

Freya really didn’t want to look at it, but her eyes remained uncontrollably carefully on the photo.

After a while, her cheeks became hot and dry.

Ryan sent a message: [This is already my limit, it’s really not going to work. ]

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