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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2201 | Novel By Shallow South

“Godfather, I will try to persuade Ryan at night.”

Freya said quickly.

“Freya,no need to persuade Ryan. He doesn’t listen to other people’s persuasion at all.” Nathan snorted coldly.

After returning to the place where Ryan lived, Freya called him, “Where are you and when will you be back?”

Ryan said quickly :”I was drinking and gossiping with my friends. Have you returned to the prime ministerial Palace? Go back.”

Freya was speechless, “Didn’t my godfather let you go to Snow’s house for dinner? You still have a leisure time to drink and gossip. The friend you mentioned is the one who misunderstood you for being gay.”

“Yeah.” Ryan smiled and said, “I will show you another day. Although his s*xual orientation is different from mine, we are good friends for many years.”

“Are you coming back soon?” Freya said angrily, “Godfather is really serious tonight.”

“I just knew that Godfather would definitely scold me, maybe he would use family methods, so I didn’t go.” Ryan was not in a hurry. and he will be home in 40 minutes.”

At 10 o’clock.

Ryan finally reached his home where he lived.

Freya rushed over in a hurry. As soon as she walked in and hugged Ryan. Her thin lips with a hint of red wine fell uncontrollably.

“Hey , Did you miss me?” Ryan hugged Freya’s waist and kissed ambiguously with her thin lips. The magnetic voice overflowing from her throat could make people’s legs tremble.

Freya’s nervous heart trembled. Did she make a mistake, Ryan actually pressed her against the gate and kissed.

“Don’t make trouble, this is the prime ministerial palace. I was seen…” Freya pushed Ryan quickly. It’s okay, I usually don’t like being disturbed.”

“There was no one in my building except when the servants were cleaning during the day, and the door was closed.” Ryan’s kiss slowly fell back and landed on Freya’s earlobe.

An electric current seemed to run through Freya’s body. And Freya bit her lip and pushed his head away a bit, “You still have a leisure time, haven’t you heard what I said before, Godfather was not a joke.”

Ryan lowered Freya’s head and dropped a kiss on forehead, “I have more time to accompany you.”

“Ryan, stop joking.” Freya stared at him “You are the son of the Prime Minister.”

“Then what did I do, what you want me to do?” Ryan looked straight into Freya’s eyes.

“Freya thought… The Snow family was very worried about you. In fact, you were not. you could assure them that you would never see your friend again…”

Freya hesitatedly Said: “Of course, you said that he is your good friend. It is impossible for you not to see him. You can avoid it a little bit…”

Ryan laughed before Freya finished speaking. “Freya, it’s not as simple as you think. My parents won’t believe me at all. They will only force me to marry another woman to prove it.”

“Who told you to have a homos*xual scandal.” Freya complained.

“If I didn’t say that I like men, would you let me approach you unsuspectingly?” Ryan lifted his small face and said softly, “You are a bit slow, but I want to treat you If you care too much, you will doubt it too.”

“Scheming man.” Freya’s small face was pouted by Ryan.

Freya scolded him, but there was no anger in her eyes, but dripping softly.

“Freya, once I personally told you that I actually didn’t take my position very importantly, nor did I think that I must climb to a certain position.”

Ryan’s gentle gaze wrapped her, “you have to believe me, a piece of gold can shine everywhere, the big deal I will go to the mall, I believe I can succeed, as long as you don’t despise me.”

“I don’t despise you, you are a very good person, I believe you can do everything well. “

Both Freya and Ryan calm and clean eyes met. Ryan understood and he really didn’t care.

“Ryan didn’t want Freya to regret in the future.”

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