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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2200 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2200

“Freya, you don’t understand, sometimes you have to use a strong one.” The Old Master Snow said angrily, “There is also the man outside, who must not be contacted anymore. By the way, others, how come now He hasn’t come yet.”

“I asked him to come, he didn’t come, probably because he was afraid of being scolded.” Nathan said with a grimace.

“This bast*rd, one and two are getting more and more disobedient.” The Old Master Snow lost his power recently, and there was nowhere to be anxious. He pointed to the two sons and began to reprimand, “Look at how you two educate your sons. Rodney didn’t need me to talk about it, cheating, looking for a mistress, blind dog, and Old Master Snow, I thought you were well educated, but as a result, a good young guy liked women and he wanted to piss me off One by one, do you want the Snow family to cut off children and grandchildren?”

Nathan and Jason lowered their heads and said nothing.

Snow as the only immediate survivor, Carson quickly said: “Grandpa, you are not angry, I promise you I’ll get down to work, not like a man, in the future will be married to his wife wholeheartedly.”

Old Master Snow looked at Carson particularly depressed.

Carson was usually very well-behaved, and he didn’t have so many minds and moths. However, among several descendants, he does not have the business ability of Rodney, nor the deep cunning of Ryan, nor the decisive calmness of Jessica. The offspring he gave birth to will probably be very moderate in the future.

Rodney couldn’t count on it. He was rebellious, disobedient, and stupid. He married Sarah, who couldn’t give birth. He liked it very much, but he was a girl after all.

Only Ryan was left.

So Mr. Snow said seriously: “no matter what method you use, I will break Ryan’s s*xual orientation to me.”

Freya on the side: “…”

Freya thought very much. Said, Ryan’s s*xual orientation has no problem, he just made a mistake and fell in love with your ex-grandson.

But Freya didn’t dare to say, if she said it, Mr. Snow might be dizzy on the spot.

After dinner, in the car back to the prime ministerial Palace, Freya and Heidi sat together and felt the extremely low air pressure inside the car.

“Freya, you usually approach Ryan, and you tell me if he has a deep feeling for that man.” Heidi suddenly looked at her scorchingly.


What made her say?

Freya was depressed and wanted to take Ryan out and whip him out, who would let him have something to do with the same s*x scandal.

“Godmother, I don’t know.” Freya bit her head. “Maybe… it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe it’s because Ryan doesn’t like Selena, he still likes more free love.

“I originally thought so, but I received several news recently, and on New Year’s Day, Ryan ran to see Freya.” Heidi said very weakly.


Freya was stunned. Didn’t Ryan come to see on the New Year’s Day? What tricks did he use to hide from the sky.

Nathan snorted coldly: “Tomorrow I will beat him and let him suffer.”

“Father, it’s not that serious.” Freya panicked. Freya didn’t want Ryan to ruin her future for herself.

“Freya, you don’t understand. If Ryan continues to persevere, his future will stop here.” Nathan said, “People in Australia cannot accept that there is a problem with the humanity in a high position.”

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