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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2199 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2199

“Catherine, I understood your thoughts. You want me to tell Rodney that Rodney regrets misunderstanding Freya. Once people’s hearts regret it, their attitude towards Sarah will naturally be too. If changes happen, Sarah will also be more prone to cheating, right.”

Eliza said softly, “Actually, if you don’t tell me, I also want to find a chance to tell Rodney that Freya shouldn’t have been in Rodney’s heart. The role of a vicious woman, but I’m worried that he will turn around and pester Freya.”

Catherine sneered, “Rodney held a big wedding for Sarah with great fanfare. What qualifications does Rodney have to chase Freya, Rodney regrets it. The more he regrets it, the more he will hate Sarah when he discovers Sarah’s true face.”

Eliza imagined such a scene, and looked at Catherine’s eyes. After a trace of admiration, “Catherine, it is a lucky thing for Freya to have a friend like you.”

“You are my friend too.”

Catherine was slightly sad.

It’s just that Chester was not Rodney, these two were completely opposite. One was too cold and ruthless, and the other was too affectionate, so her little cleverness couldn’t help Chester at all.

…In the evening, Freya went to Snow’s house.

Nathan and Heidi had already passed with Dani. When she arrived, Wendy hugged Dani and smiled, but apparently Dani was a little more familiar with Heidi. Wendy hugged her for a while, and Dani cried. She had to hand Dani into Heidi’s hands.

This is the case with a child, whoever sees her more often kisses.

Heidi lowered her head, and Dani who was still crying. Just now smiled miraculously in her arms, her heart suddenly softened and she was still a little bit proud.

After all, Dani was very cute and beautiful with pink skin, and two small dimples when she smiles.

Heidi was also in her 40s and 50s, and she liked children very much.

Besides, Heidi often meets with Dani, basically treating Dani as her granddaughter.

No, in the heart of the little guy, she kisses even more than her grandmother.

Wendy was very envious when she watched, “Brother and sister, I think you like children, let Ryan work harder this year. Didn’t you say that Ryan and Selena are in love and are preparing to get married this year? It’s time to prepare.”

As soon as the words came out, Freya on the side stood unnaturally stiff.

Heidi laughing face has faded, “Do not mention this bast*rd, he was carrying before we parted with Selena, I slapped him.”

Freya was shocked, Ryan was beaten? She never heard that Ryan talk about it.

Freya blamed herself slightly when Ryan thought of the gentle and considerate appearance when faced Freya other time.


Old Master Snow’s ears were sharp, and he was furious when heard it, “How do you discipline your son? Haven’t you heard the rumors outside now that your son likes women. At this time, you have to let him get married quickly, no matter what. Whether you put pressure on it, or use other methods, Ryan must marry a woman otherwise it will affect his future career.”

“Dad, I forced it.” Nathan sighed, “but he is determined to break up.

Ryan doesn’t even care about his career.

Nathan sneered, “Ryan couldn’t care less. It doesn’t take half a month to keep him, and he absolutely scumb*gs.”

“So… It’s not so good.” Freya was taken aback, and bravely hesitated.

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