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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2198 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2198

Catherine smiled and said, ” You said that such a man appeared next to Sarah. If you were a little bit interesting to her, she wouldn’t be ready to move?”

“Definitely.” Freya thought about that.

The plan was brought the heart with full of excitement, “Just like Sarah, Freya thought Sarah was very disgusted with Rodney.

Catherine, where did you find this kind of man, is Garrett willing to cooperate with you?”

“Don’t worry Freya, Matthew is my friend and he is willing to help. As for the favor, let Matthew pay it back.” Catherine said with a smile.

“Moreover, Garrett is very romantic. I found the top psychological master to pass on his tricks to prevent hypnotism.”

“Catherine, you think very thoughtfully.” Eliza also praised her, “Sarah might be so desperate to make Garrett. It’s really possible to use hypnotism.”

“It’s not possible, but definitely.” Catherine is full of confidence, “Now Sarah has inconvenient legs and hands, and she doesn’t have the confidence to make Garrett fall in love with Sarah. The only way is hypnotism.”

Freya laughed, “I’m so looking forward to it. I look forward to the way Sarah gave Rodney a cuckold.”

After the meeting, Freya returned to her department.

Eliza didn’t rush to leave. She lingered in the elevator for a while, until Catherine came over. “She sent a message and asked to wait for you alone. There is something I can’t take seriously.”

“I just told you. Speaking of the plan, there is actually an imperfect loophole, and this loophole needs your help.”

Catherine looked into her eyes.

“You said, I will definitely do it.” Eliza understood that the loophole might be unusual, but she calmly opened her mouth.

Catherine’s beautiful lips were pressed for a while before she said, “When you meet Rodney next time, I will tell personally that you kidnapped Sarah. If Rodney knew it, he couldn’t do anything with you, and I believe… Chester should have cleaned up all the evidence for you.”

Eliza was shocked. The eyes revealed complexity and unnaturalness, “It turns out…you know it.”

“Recently, you have stayed in the capital for a lot of time, and it is harder to ask you than usual. I occasionally have a meal with you. During dinner, I often see people calling you, you avoid us every time, but I can see the impatience in your eyes, and… last time I accidentally saw you The hickey on his body.”

Catherine sighed lightly, “Some things are still easy to guess. On the day you kidnapped Sarah, Chester went to inform Freya. He knew everything. Chester is a Good-hearted man, he protected you, and even confronted Rodney. It is definitely not just for the face of Shaun and me. He must have a plan. The only thing he can threaten you.”

“Catherine, why are you doing that?” A deep embarrassment flashed across Eliza’s face, and she firmly squeezed the bag in her hand.

“I have never looked down upon you. You have always been my good friend.”

Catherine said hastily, “I even thought about helping you, but Chester’s methods were too tough. The more you threaten him, he will rebound more powerful, even he would not listen to anyone, then, that people are very cold-blooded season Chester, he probably just did not get a moment of your interest, so over time, he might just bored. ” “

I think so much too.” Eliza smiled, so much self-deprecating, “Catherine, anyway, I am very grateful that you didn’t look down on me.”

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