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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2197 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2197

“You won’t forget Sarah, right.” Catherine blinked mischievously, “Let her bounce for so long, and it’s time to clean up her a little bit.”

“Catherine heard that she will hold a meeting with Rodney the day after tomorrow. The wedding, how do you clean up?” Eliza’s hand holding the cup pressed slightly.

“Cathy, you should find a better man than Rodney to hook up with Sarah…” Freya said with a look of expectation.

Eliza frowned, “Sarah was not a fool. Sarah was disabled and disfigured. If there is a high-quality man to seduce her, Sarah will doubt it. So, first restore her self-confidence.”

Catherine smiled and said: “After Sarah was disfigured, Rodney went to find people abroad to heal Freya’s face, hands and feet. It took time for her hands and feet to be repaired.

Sarah’s face can be repaired. Catherine arranged for it abroad a long time ago. A top cosmetic surgeon approached Rodney.

Rodney was also really generous. He spent a lot of money to repair Sarah’s face. Sarah should be able to recover on the wedding day, and even her face will be more beautiful than before.”


Freya was taken aback, “Cathy, you changed her beauty, but Eliza finally took her…”

Eliza’s brows tightened. Squeezed together and didn’t speak.

Catherine looked and said, “Eliza, sometimes a little bit of sweetness is appropriate to put a person to death. Don’t worry, this time I will make Sarah irresistible, and we don’t have to do it ourselves, just It’s enough to add fuel to the flames.”

“I understood that what you thought.” Eliza lowered her head and let out a long sigh, “If you want her to be in the set, you have to throw some bait first. You are better than me.”

Unlike Eliza, Catherine wanted to kill Sarah with her own hands in an extreme way.

Catherine had a hidden knife in her heart, and wanted to use that knife to make Sarah a little bit worse than life.

But Catherine was killing someone with a knife.

In fact, this is better. After all, it’s not worth taking your own life for woman like Sarah.

Catherine’s lips moved slightly. She was not better than Eliza, she didn’t have the turbulent hatred of Eliza.

Catherine can wisely set the game.

In fact, Catherine didn’t understand why Eliza hated Sarah so much, was it really just because of Charity?

“Cathey, are you ready to seduce Sarah?” Freya asked suddenly.

Catherine posted a photo, “The second junior of Hamel Corporation from Country X, whose name was Garrett Ortiz.”

Freya and Eliza took a look at the photo. The man inside looked like 30 years old handsome guy with a neat suit, Short blond hair, good facial features, giving people a silly feeling.

Eliza’s heart moved slightly, “As far as Hamel was one of the top 100 companies in the world. Although the successor was the young master, the second young master should also be very rich. It was rumored that there are more than 300 billion net worth.”

“Yes, although Garrett did not take over the Hamel Corporation, the property left to him by the family was so much that he could not be spent in a few lifetimes. Anyway, it was much better than Rodney. “

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