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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2196 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2196

Wants to say something, but doesn’t know what to say.

The ambiguous atmosphere grew stronger, Ryan chuckled in a low voice, helped her to kiss.

The kiss was slow and gentle.

At first, Ryan carefully let her adapt slowly and adapt to the change in the relationship between the both.

Later, Ryan gradually got acquainted, and he sat on the sofa holding her with his fingertips in her hair, and kissed patiently for a long time…

After that, Both watched a movie together, and did not return to the prime ministerial palace until evening.

…The next day, at the company’s meeting, Freya was in very good looking.

Catherine deployed her new year’s strategic plan: “Everyone knows, Osher Corporation was the largest cosmetics brand in Australia, but with the series of crises encountered by Osher Corporation last year, now all major, medium and small brands are working hard. This is an opportunity for Freycatheli. Therefore, this year the goal of Freycatheli is to replace Osher Corporation and become the largest cosmetics brand in Australia.”

The executives had anticipated Catherine’s ambitions, but after hearing it personally, Still in an uproar.

A manager asked: “Director Jones, is this goal set too high? Osher Corporation’s brand is not only a cosmetic brand, but also shampoo, skin care and other products, and our company’s products are currently relatively single.

” Yes, although President Lynch’s team is developing very quickly, it’s a little bit in one year…”

“So we want to buy.”

Catherine stood up and asked Hans Fleming to call up the information on the big screen. I already have the target of the acquisition. The cloud of country H thinks that their company’s pure natural plant toiletries are not bad, and they are also old brands, but there is something wrong with the strategic plan in recent years.”

The manager of the marketing department boldly questioned, “This brand was really good in the early years, but the sales volume in recent years has not been very good. Some domestic companies have considered it. However, after making various budgets, they found that they would lose money and gave up.”

Catherine didn’t speak, but looked at Eliza.

Eliza was also a shareholder of the company, and she rarely appeared at ordinary times. But she still has to attend the New Year’s regular meeting.

Eliza said: “We can make low-key acquisitions in the first half of the year, and then find some active platforms and apps and blogs for young people to cooperate. These people will then drive the domestic purchasing agency, and Freycatheli’s reputation will naturally spread. I am in the entertainment industry. People who are familiar with these things and have connections. In the second half of the year, we can announce the acquisition of Freycatheli in a high-profile manner, and then find celebrities to endorse.”

“The cost of these platforms…”

“I naturally It doesn’t cost much if you have a network, and friends who endorse can also get the friendship price.”

“…” After a meeting, the senior leaders left one after another, and Freya already admired Catherine and Eliza. “When did you two discuss so many plans? That was great.”

“When your nanny is talking about love.” Catherine glanced at Eliza with a low smile, “But I also It’s quite unexpected. I didn’t expect you to understand Eliza at the mall.”

“I have dozens of endorsements, and I usually contact those advertisers.”

Eliza looked down and took a sip of hot coffee.

In fact, she knows better than everyone, even the first contact with the business world. It’s just a destiny. Now she can only be an artist. Once she reveals her commercial talent, her identity is easy to doubt.

“Well, now only the three of us are left. The company’s affairs are settled, and it’s time to talk about revenge plan.”

Catherine changed the conversation and suddenly said with a smile.

Freya and Eliza were taken aback at the same time and looked at her.

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