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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2195 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2195

“Will you be unhappy when I mentioned Rodney?” Freya suddenly turned her head to look at him.

“No, I know you mentioned Rodney, you didn’t care about him, but you didn’t forget the harm he caused you.” Ryan bent over and kissed him on his forehead, “Goodbye, don’t stay in the kitchen, the oily smoke is very hard. Go and accompany Dani.”

Freya discovered that this man has a kind of magic in him, and it will always be easy to be with him.

Obviously everyone is the same age, but she has always been the tolerant person.

Taking advantage of Ryan’s cooking time, Freya visited his room.

At 12:30 noon, two dishes and one soup were ready. The soup was seafood with fresh shrimp, clams, and shiitake mushrooms. The dish was a steamed turbot and home-made vegetables. Vegetables were not a single variety. There were lotus roots, fungus, guardrails, carrots.

Freya was used to eating chicken and fish during these days, and she suddenly came to a bowl of hot and sour seafood soup, which immediately appetized, “This is a bit like Yummee.” The roommate in country T learned it, and I changed it a little bit. It suits the taste of people.”

Ryan served her a bowl of soup.

Dani in the cradle smelled the fragrance. Although she could not eat it, it did not prevent her from yelling around.

“Don’t worry, you have it too.”

Ryan took a baby bowl from the kitchen and filled it with some orange-red rice paste.

“What is this?” Freya didn’t feel relieved. Although Dani can eat a little rice cereal now, she can’t eat it indiscriminately.

“Don’t worry, this is the rice cereal I asked a friend to bring back to me from abroad . It is suitable for her to eat this month. I also added some carrot juice in it.” Ryan put on a small bit for Dani, and then hugged. Dani fed it happily.

After taking a sip, Dani seemed to like it very much. She opened her eyes and smiled. Every time Freya feeds, Dani will actively open her mouth.

Freya felt that when fed water to Dani, she wouldn’t cooperate in this way.

She looked at this scene, feeling a little full.

In the past, Ryan would often visit Dani when he was not busy. He would feed her milk, drink water, and play with her.

But they hadn’t dated at the beginning, and now it’s different. Ryan is Freya’s boyfriend, and treats her child as a daughter. She is very touched and a bit complicated at the same time.

“You eat first.” Ryan reminded.

After Dani was full, Ryan didn’t put her back into the cradle, but hugged her while eating.

After the meal, Ran put the bowl in the dishwasher, and then played with Dani for a while. Dani fell asleep in his arms.

After he put Dani in the cradle, Freya whispered: “You are so

kind to Dani …” “What’s wrong, jealous?” Ryan hugged her from behind.

“No, how could I be jealous of my daughter.” Freya lowered her eyes, “Dani is not your biological daughter…” “She is my little niece and the daughter of my beloved woman.” My child, so I will naturally like her too.”

Ryan turned Freya’s around and looked at Freya intently with gentle eyes.

Freya and Ryan looked at each other for a few seconds, and her cheeks became unnaturally hot.

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