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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2194 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2194

“I am in the house outside, and I usually rest here when I’m tired and don’t want to return to the prime ministerial palace.”

Ryan reversed the car into the parking space.

But Freya became nervous. Ryan brought himself to his home. What the lonely man and widow wanted to do, he didn’t want to…

What he studied abroad may be very open in some respects.

Shall we wait for a while…

Freya’s heart was beating fiercely, until Dani’s grunt awakened her.

Yes, Dani is also here, this is not a lone man and a widow.

At that time, as long as Ryan holds Dani, he will definitely not be able to do anything to himself.

“Come down.”

Ryan opened the rear door and took out Dani first.

“Oh, why not just go back to the prime ministerial palace.” Freya moved out slowly.

“There are servants in the prime ministerial palace watching. It’s not very convenient to want to hug you.” Ryan freed a hand and put her arm around her shoulder, “Go up and play, I’ll cook for you later.”

Freya said with nodded.

This is a house of more than two hundred square meters.

The decoration was elegant and warm, clean and tidy.

In the middle of the living room was a new cradle with pink bedding and small toys.

There were also pink dolls on the leather sofa, and the wine cabinet was not red wine, but milk powder and rice noodles for children.

When Freya walked in, she found that it was not like a place where a single man lived, but rather like the owner of the house with children and a wife.

But of course Freya knew that these things were new, and she knew that Ryan had prepared them for Dani.

After Ryan entered, he put Dani in the cradle. Seeing so many toys, Dani pushed her up in a novel way, and laughed happily while listening to the familiar music.

“Look, Dani likes it here.” Ryan said to Freya with lips curled.

“You bought so many toys, of course Dani liked it.” Freya glanced at Ryan and had to admit that he was attentive. It should be easy for a man like him to capture the hearts of women and children.

“I hope that Dani will happy. Next time you can bring her often. I will also make a separate bedroom to make her a toy room. When she can crawl, it won’t be boring.”

Ryan said while checking on Dani’s diaper found that there was a lot of urine and changed it skillfully. After that, he took off his coat and put on an apron, “Freya, You sit down for a while, I’ll cook, and let you taste my cooking skills by the way.”

The two were in the prime minister. I lived in the house for a while, but Freya didn’t know how his cooking skills were.

When Ryan got busy in the kitchen, Freya saw his skill in cutting vegetables, she guessed his cooking skills, “You have a good knife skills.”

“I cook better.” Ryan raised his eyebrows.

“Do you guys from the Snow family cook delicious food?” Freya said, “Rodney’s cooks are also delicious, which makes me think he has a bad mouth, but it might not be bad to be his wife.

“Usually men cook better than women. Didn’t you see that the chefs outside are all men.”

Ryan explained gently, “Of course, I have to admit that the men of the Snow family are all good at cooking, but I can guarantee that I am absolutely different from him, at least when we are together, what I say will never really annoy you or hurt you.”

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