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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2192 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2192

In the past 7 days, Ryan and Freya were chatting every day. they suddenly met, Freya’s heartbeat was high, and her nervous mood went up and down.

Forrest also saw Ryan, and his eyes flashed with surprise before striding over to say hello.

“Brother Forrest, I’ll take Freya and the others back to the prime ministerial palace.” Ryan said with a smile.

“Freya said that I didn’t come back with you. I want to see him there later. Since you are here, I will trouble you.”

Forrest said. “I also have a box full of Melbourne’s local products. My Mom and Dad dragged me to bring me to your family.”

“Brother Forrest was in trouble.” After Ryan and Forrest greeted a few words, they stretched out their hands towards Dani in Freya’s arms, “I haven’t seen Dani for a long time. Dani, come, let me hug.”

Dani said happily when he saw that he didn’t recognize birth at all.

Freya was speechless, just because her arm was sore, she handed Dani over.

Ten minutes later, Forrest helped Freya’s luggage stuffed into the back seat of the car before leaving with the assistants.

Ryan did not bring the driver either, only Freya and Dani were left.

“How do you know that I came back today?”

Freya glanced at the people around her before saying.

“If you want to know it naturally.” Ryan smiled and squeezed her small face gently.

Freya’s face immediately blushed because of the affectionate action, and she hurriedly looked around the parking lot.

“Why are you so nervous, no one knows us.” Ryan quipped.

“Our identities can only be sneaky.” Freya said with a grimace.

“I don’t care, even if I take you to see my parents today, it doesn’t matter,” Ryan said, “I am confident that my parents can allow you to be with me.”

“What do you agree with? I think you are also persecuting and threatening them.” Freya snorted, “At that time, your Snow family will call me a vixen.”

“The vixen is not good?” Ryan said with a look of surprise. “Only a peerless beauty can be a vixen, okay? Do you know how many women in the world who want to be a vixen are not qualified? Don’t be in the blessing and not knowing the blessing.”

Freya said angrily, “I don’t Arguing with you, anyway, you are now on trial. If you make me dissatisfied, I will replace you.”

“Alright, alright, am I not cautious? No, I will pick you up as soon as you return to the capital. I’m driving.” Ryan quickly opened the car door, “My Goddess, please get in the car.”

Freya raised her eyebrows and sat in like a Goddess.

Ryan hurriedly put Dani in her arms, and while bending over, took the opportunity to kiss her on the lips.

Freya looked up annoyed and saw that Ryan also had her lipstick on her lips. The scene immediately made her smile, “Ryan, is my lipstick all on your mouth.”

“Is it?” Ryan touched her thin lips, and when she saw the lipstick on it, she frowned, “Don’t you women use lipsticks that can’t be kissed anymore.”

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