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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2191 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2191

“Enough, if you don’t like her, why did you attack her like this? Freya got divorced.”

Rodney threw the phone on the sofa angrily and turned around and disappeared into the night.

Carson picked up the phone and said helplessly: “Mom, I really think that since I was with that Sarah, my personality has become more and more weird. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to Rodney.” Wendy was silent.

Not to mention Carson, Wendy, getting along with Rodney was also very tired.

Carson always wanted to let Rodney break contact with Sarah, but now he didn’t have any hope.

But Jessica spoke: “I heard that Catherine took over Freycatheli Company that developed very rapidly, and even tried to encircle Osher Corporation with other cosmetics companies. Osher Corporation’s domestic market has been divided by one-third. After the end of the year, the competition will become more fierce. If it is not done well, Osher Corporation may be acquired.”

“It was so serious…”

Carson was astonished, “wasn’t he always good at it.”

At least there must be a woman who can make Rodney feel at ease in his career. Sarah must be tossing behind him.

When watching Rodney, Sarah kept talking on the phone every time. Just like that, Rodney could go out and socialize with peace of mind?” Suddenly, Carson didn’t know whether to pity Rodney, or said he made his own mind. “Now Rodney seems to be the only company he can handle. If this is all broken, I guess it will bring a fatal blow to him, then… do you want to help him? It’s a family member anyway. Field, in case he really has nothing…”

“Do you want to help Rodney deal with Freya and Catherine?” Jessica suddenly raised her eyebrows.

Carson opened his mouth and fell into embarrassment, “That’s not true, Freya is also very good.”

Jessica said lightly: “Don’t say that our Snow family doesn’t understand the cosmetics market at all. Even if we do, we can’t intervene. Who is behind Catherine, Titus and his wife, because of these two people, the world’s top luxury brands and cutting-edge technology. Sent to the door to cooperate with Catherine. Of course, Catherine refused. Catherine and Freya really wanted to make a local makeup brand, but they shouldn’t embarrass them.”

“Yes.” Jason also had to nodded in agreement. “Furthermore, Rodneu was also on the tip of the corner. Originally, Rodney and Chester were good brothers.

Chester’s contacts in the entertainment industry can reverse Osher Corporation’s reputation, but Rodney also angered Chester for Sarah. Now Chester dependent on Catherine.

It was normal for Rodney to lose.” Wendy resigned and said: “What we can do if Rodney loses in the future, at least he will not starve to death.”

“Brother Rodney, You shouldn’t have divorced Freya.” Carson pouted.

“How do you know that Rodney has no regrets in his heart.” Jessica said meaningfully.

Carson was stunned, thinking of the way Rodney looked at his mobile phone before, showing that he was jealous.

But what is the use of jealousy, who would let him not cherish it.

Before the Spring Festival, Freya and Forrest flew back to the capital together.

Freya didn’t tell anyone about the return.

After the plane arrived at the airport, Freya just came out with her luggage.

At the exit gate, Ryan was already standing there and waiting. Under Freya’s black hair, there was a clear face, star-like eyes and exquisite thick eyebrows. Ryan was not wearing very fashionable, but a simple army green down jacket and jeans and a little white shoes, this was the model-like figure visible to Freya at a glance.

The last time both Freya and Ryan met was in the hotel in Melbourne seven days ago. When they left, Freya was distraught.

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