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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2188 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2188

Freya: [I don’t have, I don’t, I don’t have… ]

Catherine: [Okay, don’t argue about these, anyway, no matter what the ending was, congratulations, and enjoy the happiness brought by this love. ]

Eliza: [Ryan is handsome, good figure, should live better. ]

Freya: [Enough Eliza, you also dump with dirt, we just intercourse well, but his identity is a big trouble, Snow family know, and I will certainly be Masi. ]

Catherine: [Follow Ryan, enjoy his love first, I tell you, you haven’t actually had a good relationship with Rodney, and you’ve never talked with Rodney. Let’s talk to Patrick. You took the initiative to chase him before. Later, Linda intervened. What is your name is dating, dating is a threesome, it’s too bad, it’s better to change the name to “Every day in the battle with boyfriend’s childhood sweetheart”]

Freya: [… I was unable to refuse it. ]

Eliza: [Boyfriend is not just used as a tractor, he can be hypocritical and contrived. ]

Catherine: [Let’s do it, do it as much as you want, and finally get divorced. Of course, you have to enjoy the taste of being held and treasured. ]

Eliza: [Let Ryan bring you baby that he is fit to be a good father, when you saw Ryan will be a bad person, you can him kick off. ]

Catherine: [It makes sense. ]


Freya completely silent.

Freya found that what the two sisters said was too reasonable.

At this time, the early morning passed.

Ryan sent five red envelopes: [Baby, happy new year, I hope you and Dani have a happy new year, I love you.]

Freya has a sad.

Thinking of what Catherine said just now, she was so miserable. She had been married and had a first love whom she had been in for several years, but only received this kind of information from Ryan every New Year.

That’s right. Divorced, it’s time for Freya to enjoy love.

Freya accepted the red envelope generously, and then replied: [Kneel down.]

Ryan: [Okay, the little one takes orders, okay. ]

Freya smiled.

Then Freya received many New Year greetings from friends, colleagues and relatives. In the new year, she found it was not bad.

Suddenly Freya’s phone rang, it was Rodney. Freya good mood completely gone out, “If you keep talking Dani, I’m sorry. Freya could not speak but kept silent.”

“I want to watch Dani in the video.” Rodney said in a low voice, “Please add me in Whatsapp and I will send her a red envelope.”

Since the divorce, Freya had deleted all her related contact information.

“No, your parents will give you the red envelopes when you come.” Freya said impatiently, “I will go to Snow’s old house on the seventh day. You can see Dani.”

“My parents belong to my parents, mine belongs to me.” Yes, I am her biological father, Freya, can you not be so naive.” Rodney’s angry voice came.

“Wow, I’m so touched, Dani has been away from you for a few months. Why didn’t you pay any living expenses before? Conscience discovered it.” Freya pretended to be shocked.

“Enough of you.” Rodney was sarcastically blushing and his neck was thick. “At that time, I wanted to take back the custody of Dani. Now, it is my responsibility to give money. Are you interesting? You made a mess. I was at the Snow family this year’s New Year. My parents didn’t give me a good face. You dug up a lot of resources for Osher Corporation. Freya, do you hate me so much?”

“Wow, you wronged me by saying that. You have a bad reputation and let women boycott Osher Corporation. What can I do? Let’s talk about competition with everyone. I am not the only one who digs out your company’s resources.”

Freya pouted.

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