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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2186 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2186

Freya’s flustered heart seems to have suddenly found a place to rely on.

Freya held Ryan’s finger tightly, and the temperature on his finger and lips told her that this was not a dream.

Only two months after the divorce, she has a new boyfriend again.

This man is still her ex-husband’s cousin.

At present, his identity is still his own brother in the eyes of outsiders.

It’s incredible, but it’s true.

This is definitely the most absurd thing Freya has ever done in her life.

“What are you thinking about?” After Ryan finished kissing, she rubbed his lips with her beautiful lips.

“I…I’m going home.” Freya said, turning her hot cheeks away.

The identities of Freya and Ryan have changed, and Freya has not found the right way to get along.

“Well, let’s go back.” Ryan didn’t want to stay. “With a child at home, it’s really not appropriate to stay outside for too long.”

Ryan drove Freya to the parking lot.

Freya got into the car in a hurry, she felt that she had just escaped from the wolf’s den.

Did Freya really agree with Ryan?


Freya must have been struck by lightning in her head.

The biggest mistake Freya has ever made in her life is that after marrying Rodney, he even agreed to get along with him.

Finally escaping, Freya vowed never to get entangled with the Snow family again, and it didn’t take long for her to date Ryan again.

God, can’t you give her an ordinary, normal relationship?

Probably Freya was thinking about it all the way. When she drove into the garage and turned the corner, the side door accidentally got stuck in the doorway. A large patch of paint was wiped off, and a piece was recessed.

What a shame.

Ryan called again,”Have you gotten home?”

“Ryan, I blame you.” Freya said grumpily, “You hurt me.”

“…What’s wrong?” Suddenly Ryan said with worried.

“It’s all due to you saying those things to me, which made me distracted and hit the car,” Freya complained.

“You had a car accident?” Ryan asked nervously, “Where, I’ll come over right away.”

“In my garage.” Freya could feel his care and concern, and his mood improved a little, but his tone was still not correct.

Very good, “I wiped the wall when I was turning. My car is very expensive. It is estimated that it will cost a lot of money to repair it. You look at it before you associate with you, and it hurts me.” Ryan asked weakly, “Isn’t that supposed to Is it the problem with your driving skills?”

“What’s wrong with my driving skills?” Freya instantly became angry, “You doubt my character is good, you can’t doubt my driving skills, I am an 18-year-old veteran driver who got a driving license. “

I was wrong, it was all my fault.”

The boyfriend who just took office quickly apologized honestly, “Your lord has a lot, don’t care about me. In this way, I will pay for the maintenance cost and the mental loss. Also pay, you must not be angry, I can only apologize if I am angry .”

“My body is already so angry, you quickly apologize.” Freya coldly snorted.

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

Ryan agreed.

Ryan, “Forget it, I won’t quarrel with you, I’ll hang up.”

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