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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2185 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2185

turned to the end, there was a red envelope in it.

Freya touched and knew how much money was in it.

“My uncle gave a red envelope for Dani for the New Year.” Ryan reminded, “I should give it for her first new year this year.” Having said that, Freya couldn’t refuse. After all, Dani was also Ryan’s niece.

“Ryan, thank you.” Freya turned her head and looked at him seriously.

“You’re welcome.”

Ryan took out a red string bracelet from his trouser pocket, “This is the bracelet I asked for Dani at Buddhist Temple in Canberra last week. Fryea can’t refuse to take.”

Ryan put it on Dani’s right wrist after speaking.

It was really not expensive, and there was a small pure gold apple hanging in the middle. The style was ordinary, but it was full of heart.

Today, Freya remembered that she was listening to her mother’s explanation that the year was the year of her birth, so she had to wear more and more red ones. She hadn’t bought it yet, Ryan had already sent one.

“And Ryan wants show something gto Freya.”

“Ryan took Freya to sit down again, and opened a fund software app on his mobile phone. “Don’t you say that you don’t know me enough? This is all my financial money, stocks, funds, and some national debt.”

Freya was caught off guard and saw everything. She was stunned and wanted to push his mobile phone away. But Ryan didn’t give her a chance at all, and entered the bank password in front of her to let him see the deposit inside.

“This is My deposit… This is my salary slip… This is some of the money I made from investments by some classmates and friends abroad. I will definitely not earn as much as you in the future, but I will marry a wife and children. The cost of education is still enough.”

And this is my mobile phone password, I can enter your fingerprint, you can always want to see my mobile phone. “Ryan said.

“No need, enough, enough…” Freya shrank her hands in fright.

“Now you think you know me enough? Can you trust me?”

Ryan asked lowly and dumbly, “Freya, I mean we can talk about love first. Some feelings are appropriate. Only when we have contacted and talked about it will we know , If you deny me as a person from the beginning, I will not be reconciled.”

Freya was confused, “If your parents are not my godfather and godmother, I am definitely willing to fall in love with you, but… ..”

“I remember I told you that since I confessed to you, I have 100% confidence to deal with my family and I will not let my parents hurt you.”

Ryan interrupted her. Staring at her sharply, “Freya, you dare not try with me, are you afraid that you will fall in love with me incurably.”

“Who is incurable, you are too narcissistic.” Freya was immediately stimulated.

“I’m not narcissistic, you are just afraid of falling in love with me.”

“Then why don’t you dare to try with me?”

“I don’t want to be criticized.”

“You are just afraid of falling in love with me.”

“You are talking nonsense .” . ” “

then why are you afraid to try. ” “try to try, afraid. “

after the impulse to speak out, Freya can not wait to bite off her tongue, how she was around him dizzy, going crazy, “I just took it back…”

Before the words fell, her mouth was sealed with an excited kiss.

Ryan pressed her on the sofa, kissed her fiercely, and smiled hoarsely: “You can’t take back what you say, unless you are a coward.”

“I’m not a coward…well… “Freya was kissed by Ryan again.

“I know you are not a coward, because you have already promised.”

Ryan hurriedly deepened the deep kiss, and his hand slowly moved over, clasped tightly with her bewildered hand on the sofa, and crossed his fingers.

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