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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2184 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2184

From entering the door now, Freya didn’t actually take a close look at him due to various reasons.

Observing closely at this time, Freya knew that Ryan was not lying.

It is impossible to say that there is no feeling at all.

“I didn’t make you work overtime.” Freya whispered, avoiding his sight.

“Yes, I want to do this myself, because I want to see you during the New Year. Even if I can’t see you, I have to be determined to do it. I’m not just talking, I’m giving and sincere.”

Ryan stroked her black hair again and again, eyes strangely serious.

Freya lowered her head and didn’t know how to respond. She shrank in her shell like a tortoise.

After a while, Freya whispered: “Do you want to go to the bathroom.” It’s really enough, it’s been so long, and there is no sign of stopping.

Ryan was stunned, and suddenly laughed.

“What a smile?” Freya glared at Ryan with angry.

“I don’t dare to go, I can’t get out after going in for a while,” he said hurriedly.

Freya even understood in seconds, and cursed, “Rogue.” Ryan pushed her away, got up and picked up one side of the big bag.

Freya finally breathed a sigh of relief, but his eyes were always involuntarily sweeping his pants, a bit curious and a bit instinctive.

Until Ryan handed over a small exquisite box, he said with a smile: “Miss Freya, where have you been looking.”

“You dare to shake in front of me, I dare not look?” Freya looked up. Dead pigs are not afraid of the appearance of boiling water.

“Well,” Ryan convinced Freya, “This is the New Year photo album I gave to Dani.”

Freya focused her attention on the gift. She opened it and saw that there were photos of Dani’s life from birth to this new year. There were various kinds of people laughing, crying, and even yawning in photos.

As a mother, Freya was pleasantly surprised, “When did you take so many pictures?”

Although Dani also took artistic photos, those were not real enough after all. These were indeed the bits and pieces in Dani’s life.

“When you didn’t notice.” Ryan smiled, “Look, this one was taken in the hospital when she was just born.”

Freya also saw it. She remembered that Ryan was the first after giving birth to Dani.

Freya remembered that Ryan was standing by the cradle silently at that time. Freya thought Ryan was just taking pictures casually, but took pictures very carefully.

It was full moon night.

It turned out that some feelings were already there, but Ryan was guarding them in a different way.

Freya was not divorced at that time.

Ryan would protect her family behind, Freya was bullied by Rodney, Ryan stood up to protect Freya, helped Freya to get justice

Freya was divorced. Ryan made her happy and helped from the past misfortunes walk out.

Frea blamed his scheming, but without him, how could she be as free as now?

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  1. yaa sweet Mr rhyan .. enthusiasm for the author I’m still waiting for the continuation of the story. until you go back and forth to open the web just to wait for the continuation of the latest story. ️

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