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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2178 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2178

Freya clearly knew that Ryan brought her this.

However, she confiscated the red envelope because she had already received one today.

Ryan sent a message: [Click to open. ]

Freya: [Do you like to use money to buy girls? ]

Ryan: [President Lynch, you have said these words that shame me, you earn more money than me now, I am just a small office worker, my goal in life is to marry a beautiful and capable rich woman, buy the one-for-one kind, unfortunately, people have always looked down on me, I can only work hard silently. ]

Freya made her head down, and laughed out loud.

After the banquet, Chairman Cruz did not rush to leave, but chatted with a few business partners.

“Let them talk. Let’s go upstairs to plays bridge.” A lady took Linda’s arm.

She was trying to take this opportunity to get to know more people.

The Woman took Linda into upstairs. There was no woman playing cards at all. Only Freya sat on a chaise longue, smiling at Linda.

“Miss Freya, if someone brings you here, I will leave first.” The Woman who brought Linda flashed out quickly and closed the door.

Linda noticed something wrong, and when she wanted to open the door to go out, she found that the outside was locked.

“Freya, what did you trick me into trying to do?” Linda said as she wanted to open the packet and get the phone.

Where did Freya make her wish, she slapped her bag and mobile phone away, then slapped her bow around with a few big slaps, “Don’t you like to talk about me, come on, I will let you say enough.”

Linda wanted to resist, but she was not Freya’s opponent at all. Freya sat on her and beat her unilaterally.

“I really didn’t want to trouble you because you are too weak.” Freya cursed while beating, “Who knows that you are not so long-eyed. I bumped in front of me, because you marry a bad old man, it’s great, just a Robinson Corporation, I really didn’t take it seriously.”

“But after I saw today, can the bad old man look at you.”

After Freya finished speaking, she began to tear apart her clothes.

Linda was frightened and wanted to struggle, but her head was buzzing and face was sore that she regretted it. She didn’t expect Freya to be so crazy that she dared to retaliate at the wedding.

Freya was obviously not such a woman before, and Patrick didn’t dare to take her away from her. Even after marrying Rodney, she didn’t return to Melbourne to make trouble for herself. She thought Freya was very cowardly.

It was only when she spotted this she dared to walk her rumors unscrupulously in the banquet hall.

“It just so happens that today the old hatred and the new hatred are all together.”

Freya knocked Linda out, then took off her clothes and threw her on the bed, tidy up and walked away.

After half an hour, the reporter rushed over and photographed the newly-married wife of the chairman of Robinson Corporation and a hotel attendant fighting on the bed.

Dallas Cruz fainted on the spot when he saw the scene with his own eyes.

Freya didn’t know about it until the afternoon. She was a little stunned. She called and asked Chase Harrison: “They really happened? Didn’t I say that I just took some ambiguous photos?”

Chase said in a weird tone, “I was also very surprised. Is it inexplicable? I just wanted to help you teach Linda a meal.”

“I’m sorry, the Cruz family won’t bother you,” Freya felt guilty.

“Oh, I don’t have time. I just received the news that Chairman Cruz committed something, but it was settled with money at that time, but suddenly I heard that there had been new changes in the evidence in the prison. Just now, Chairman Cruz was taken away by the police immediately after he woke up.” Chase said mysteriously, “Miss Freya, this matter will not be yours.”

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